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Buying Alma’s inventory programmatically

All our ad inventory that can be bought programmatically is available through Appnexus SSP. We offer some inventory through the Rubicon and Adform SSP’s. Appnexus is, however, our number one recommendation thanks to its simple and transparent purchasing chain. If you buy advertising through the Adform DSP, please choose Appnexus (and not Alma) as the inventory source.

We sell advertising at both the Open Marketplace and the Private Marketplace. The majority of our ad inventory and brand products are available only through private deals (see below). Our B2B sites are available only through private deals.

Alma network structure

You can buy advertising programmatically for all Alma websites. Our sites are divided in three audience and price categories. Through B2C, you will reach our high-quality news and lifestyle sites with extensive audiences. B2B includes the biggest and most important financial and trade media. Through the marketplaces, you will reach audiences planning to buy, rent, or redecorate a flat and potential car buyers. Below, we have listed all domains that can be bought programmatically.

B2B sites are available only through private deals. Please contact for more information on private deals and our prices.


 B2C B2B 

Display ad formats

The following ad formats can be bought programmatically. Note: The formats may vary by media.

Desktop    MobileCross Device
Upper spaceMPU

Special solutions


Digital Full PageMobile Instream Preroll & PostrollOutstreamNativeVertical video*
980×600468×400300×600wallpaper 1600×1150*610×877300×600VAST 3.0VAST 3.01200×628*picture ratio 9/16
980×552300×300300×431full page 610×877620×891300×431VPAID 2.0VPAID 2.0 height min. 900 px
980×400300×250250×600  320×320   MP4
980×120 200×600  320×300    
  160×600  320×50    
  140×350  300×300    

* Available only through deals


Programmatic Ad Preview:

Ad format:

You can request the Xandr Creative ID of your programmatic ad from your demand side platform’s support.

Adnami formats

Take in to use advertising formats with high attention value using Adnami formats in Alma's consumer and business media. For Adnami formats, you need a separate Adnami deal. Request the necessary deals from

Desktop TopscrollIltalehti, Telkku, Ampparit, Etuovi1x2
Mobile TopscrollIltalehti1x2
Desktop MidscrollTelkku1x2
Mobile MidscrollIltalehti ROS, Ampparit, Telkku, Kotikokki, Nettiauto, Arvopaperi, Kauppalehti, Talouselama, Tekniikkatalous, Mikrobitti, Tivi, Uusi Suomi, Etuovi, Vuokraovi300x300 & 320x320
Mobile Double MidscrollIltalehti300x300 & 320x320
Desktop SkinIltalehti ROS, Nettiauto1600x1150
Cross device Full Page OverlayKotikokki, Telkku, Etuovi1x2

Mobile applications

You can target advertising based on the information below or by contacting and creating private deals for your preferred inventory. For application inventory purchases, the materials must be in the MRAID format.

ApplicationAndroidiOSWindows Phone
Iltalehti Urheilufi.iltalehti.ilsportsfi.iltalehti.ilsports 1345294500 
Iltalehti Sääfi.iltalehti.saafi.iltalehti.saa 1250067476 
Telkku.comfi.almamedia.telkkucomfi.almamedia.telkkucom 710386311Iltalehti.29853B9A8A2C4 (telkku)


Programmatic Guaranteed

Use programmatic advertising in new ways and more effectively. Programmatic Guaranteed is available for all Alma's programmatic ad formats and media. We recommend it especially for campaign launches, high impact campaigns, and for reaching a fixed target group

With Programmatic Guaranteed:

  • you can reduce waste between different systems when reaching your audience
  • Alma’s first-party data and other targeting solutions are available
  • you can make use of programmatic tools
  • fixed CPM pricing, with no bidding or competing with others
  • campaign management at the buyer’s end is considered in the pricing
  • you ensure that the campaign is implemented with a desired number of impressions, in the chosen channels, at a desired time

Before the campaign begins, we agree on the number of impressions, budget​, campaign period, targeting ​, media ​, and ad formats. The agreed campaign package will be booked as a Programmatic Guaranteed deal. The campaign monitoring, reports, and pricing are implemented through programmatic advertising systems.

More effective brand advertising with special solutions

Brand advertising is an essential part of programmatic buying today. Alma has various brand advertising solutions that can be purchased programmatically. Please contact for your chosen solution! Below, you can see some of our most popular products.

Alma Visuals (Celtra) solutions

Vertical video

Vertical videos allow you to tell brand stories and convey strategic messages in a full-screen video format. Videos with a 9:16 vertical aspect ratio can be bought for all desktop and mobile devices using the same source material. Buying a video ad is easy: you upload a video file into the buying platform, without needing to apply any other systems. The aspect ratio required for vertical video ads is the same as for social media stories, so you can use the same source material for both. A vertical video will be displayed within the newsfeed and in between the articles on a website. As a full-screen ad, a vertical video is particularly powerful on desktop. For more details on buying vertical videos, please contact

Alma Visuals (Celtra) solutions

HTML5 advertising solutions implemented using Alma Visuals (Celtra) are also available for programmatic buying through private deals. Intelligent banners, chained ad stories, interscroller or vertical videos – you name it. See solution samples.

Parade + wallpaper

The viewability of this sticky solution is over 90%, and it can be bought through a private deal.

See here for material guidelines for Iltalehti

See here for material guidelines for Nettiauto


Multichannel full-page format

An impressive cross-device solution with extensive area and high reach, which can be bought programmatically for Iltalehti through one private deal. Desktop size 610 x 887; mobile size 300 x 431. For more impressive solutions, we recommend the Alma Visuals rich media instrument.


Megaparade is available for all Alma’s sites. It is bigger than Parade and has high reach and viewability. Size 980 x 552 px.

KL megapaarti ROS 570x270

Native advertising

You can buy native advertising programmatically for all Alma Businessmedia, Iltalehti, Kotikokki, and Rantapallo. Purchases can be made through private deals. Please see the IAB Finland guidelines for programmatically purchased native advertising (in Finnish).

KL Natiivimainonta_570x270

Technical requirements:

  Required / optional Appnexus AdForm DV360
Landing page URLRequiredRequired**Required**Required**
TitleRequiredMax. 80
Max. 80
Max. 50
DescriptionOptional*Max. 150
Max. 150
Max. 150
Icon (sizes in pixels)Optional*


1x1 ratio



1x1 ratio



1x1 ratio


Image (sizes in pixels). JPG, GIF or PNG. No animations.Required

600x338, 600x314, 1200x675 or 1200x628

Ratio 1,9:1 or 16:9

Max. 200 kb.

Max. 200 kb
Min. 1200x628
Ratio: 1,9:1
Max. 200 kb
Call To Action TextNot supportedNot supportedNot supportedNot supported
Sponsored ByRequiredMax. 50
Required: Must be advertiser or brand name
Max. 50
Required: Must be advertiser or brand name
Max. 25
Required: Must be advertiser or brand name


Use Alma Data programmatically

Alma also offers versatile targeting solutions for programmatic buying. Targeting is based on Alma’s own, first-party data. Read more about Alma Data.

You can choose from ready-made sociodemographics and interest areas. Alma Data also enables tailored target groups in accordance with the advertiser’s goals.

Alma Data’s high quality is based on Alma’s strong decision-maker and consumer content and on analytics and forecast models. The sociodemographics are based on surveys, data collected from registered users, and modelling. Interest-based data is based on browser behaviours on our sites. Our audience data originates in Finland, and we update the interest-based data constantly. We also use journalistic content and offline information for enhanced Alma Data versatility. Alma collects and maintains information in a fully transparent manner so we can provide our customers with high-quality, safe, and functional audience data.

You can buy Alma Data for your programmatic advertising through private deals. Contact us and we’ll find the best audience data for you and your target groups!

The best results are achieved through exact targeting in a relevant media context.