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Our mission is to accelerate the sustainable growth of individuals, businesses, and society.

We believe that growth is achieved when everyone has the freedom and opportunity to make choices at the right time and in the right place where they matter most. That’s why we want to nurture human inner curiosity and be there to help with life’s various choices.

We do this by bringing the most meaningful content and services within reach for everyone.  

We strive to maximize the positive impact of our actions on society and minimize our environmental footprint. Our impact comes from the reach and relevance of our services and content. We enable sustainable choices in work and leisure. We offer reliable and unbiased information in our media.

Alma employees have taken the Group’s updated Code of Conduct training.
Reduction by year 2030. (Scope 1 & 2)
Reduction by year 2030. (Scope 3)
Serious data security breaches.

Objectives of Alma Media’s sustainability programme



Reducing CO2 emissions in own operation by 4.7% and in supply chain by 1.27% per annum



Reducing GHG emissions in own operations by 52% and in supply chain by 14%

Social responsibility


Maximum of 5 Condemnatory decisions from Council of Mass Media /year

Zero violations of ICC’s Advertising and Marketing Communications Code

Quality of working life, Employee Net Promoter Score NPS >8 (eNPS 43)



100% of Alma Media’s employees have completed the Code of Conduct.

90% of major subcontractors  have committed to Alma Supplier Code of Conduct.


Zero severe data privacy breaches.


Our sustainability-related activities has been published in the annual report as part of the Board of Directors’ report on non-financial information. We observe the materiality principle in sustainability reporting.

Read the annual report

The UN Global Compact initiatives relevant for Alma Media

We focus on the competence development of our employees and support personal career development by providing many kinds of training and coaching. Our selection of publications and training enables the development of skills required in working life.
Our media increase understanding of the importance of equal working life in society. We offer equal opportunities for development and require gender equality and the development of diversity and sense of inclusion in our work community.
Our financial and professional media focus on the promotion of sustainable financial growth. Our cooperation with various parties aims to support young people and those suffering from reduced working capacity. Alma is an employer and a taxpayer in 11 European countries.
Our media raise awareness about innovations for sustainable development, the financial and non-financial results of companies and solutions to mitigate climate change. We also encourage innovation in our organisation.
We bring together supply and demand as well as service providers and consumers and offer sustainable options for housing, mobility, working life and recruitment.
Our media publish news about the environmental impacts of different industries and increase awareness of sustainable consumption. We seek to maximise the positive environmental impacts of our operations and inspire to make sustainable choices.
The carbon footprint of our operations was halved within the past six years. We set an example for our industry in the transition to a low-carbon society. We minimise the CO2 emissions of our own operations and those of our subcontracting chain.
Reliable and independent journalism is a precondition for functional democracy in society. Our media cherish peace and fairness, examine the ethically sustainable operations of those in power and do not hesitate to reveal any injustices.
Our media and services are widely connected with business and society and through numerous sustainable projects in our 11 European countries. We carefully select our partners and require ethically sustainable business.

TET opportunities for everyone




Alma Media has been the main partner of the Children and Youth Foundation for several years, supporting the organization’s goal of helping young people find their way and build their future.

In 2023, together with the Children and Youth Foundation and Jobly, we launched the service to provide all young people with equal access to working life.

Working together

Our efforts to develop our corporate responsibility are supported by a group of reliable long-term partners. We also participate in a number of corporate responsibility networks and cooperation bodies that serve as our antennas towards the field of corporate responsibility in general.

Our most significant partnerships and memberships are presented below.

Further information

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