We inspire sustainable choices

Our sustainability work is a reflection of its time and now an even more integrated part
of our operations.

We updated our science based climate targets
to even more ambitious ones.

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Sustainable Alma Media

Alma Media strives to act in ways that boost the sustainable growth of individuals, companies and society.

Our digital services serve both consumers and professionals. As a digital service business and media company, we support constructive social discussion and democracy, and offer experiences and insights.

We have earned our customers’ trust thanks to our interesting and accurate content, good service, excellent user experience and our impeccable record in processing customer data. Therefore, we develop our corporate responsibility with a particular emphasis on journalism, marketing, information security and data protection – without forgetting our responsibility for the environment and our employees.

Sustainable Acts

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Objectives of Alma Media’s sustainability programme



Reducing CO2 emissions in own operation by 4,3% and in supply chain by 1,23% per annum



Reducing GHG emissions in own operations by 52% and in supply chain by 14%

Social responsibility


Maximum of 5 Condemnatory decisions from Council of Mass Media /year

Zero violations of ICC’s Advertising and Marketing Communications Code

Quality of working life index (QWL) over 83%



Reducing CO2 emissions in own operation by 4,3% and in supply chain by 1,23% per annum


Reducing GHG emissions in own operations by 46% and in supply chain by 14%


Reducing GHG emissions in own operations by 46% and in supply chain by 14%

Alma employees have taken the Group’s updated Code of Conduct training.
Reduction by year 2030. (Scope 1 & 2)
Reduction by year 2030. (Scope 3)
Serious data security breaches.

The UN Global Compact initiatives relevant for Alma Media

We focus on the competence development of our employees and support personal career development by providing many kinds of training and coaching. Our book and training offering enable our professionals to learn more about, for instance, data privacy, risk management, communications, the law or the environment and construction.
Our media increase awareness and understanding of the importance of equal working life in society. We offer equal opportunities for development for all, and we cherish gender equality, the development of diversity and our participation in our work community.
Our financial and professional media focus on the promotion of sustainable financial growth in companies and in society. Alma Media has approximately 1,500 employees, and it is an employer and a taxpayer in 11 European countries. In cooperation with different operators in society, our recruiting services build a bridge between young people and the working life, develop the abilities of young people for the future working life and promote the employment of people with reduced work ability.
Our media report on sustainable development innovations, the financial results obtained with them and the latest research. They also publish examples of solutions related to sustainability in companies. We support the generation of innovations in the Alma Media organisation by developing an agile, open and interactive corporate culture and a team spirit.
We provide opportunities for sustainable choices in our housing marketplaces, services for industry professionals and digital real estate transactions that allow promoting sustainable development in the sector in cooperation with industry operators. We bring together the service providers in the value chain and the consumers in an ecosystem where value is created through synergies.
Our media publish news about the environmental impacts of different industries and increase awareness of sustainable choices in consumption decisions. We seek to maximise the positive environmental impacts of our operations and inspire consumers into making sustainable choices. The environmental search criteria of our digital housing and automobile services enable choosing energy-efficient housing or a low-emission vehicle.
The carbon footprint of our own operations was already small, and we have cut it in half within the past five years. We set an example in the industry of the transition to lowcarbon society. We continue to minimise our own environmental impacts and encourage our subcontracting chain to commit to our climate targets.
Reliable, pluralistic and independent journalism is a precondition for functional democracy in society. Our media cherish peace and fairness, use investigative journalism to examine the ethically sustainable operations of those in power and do not hesitate to expose any injustices.
Our media and services are widely connected to companies operating in the housing, HR and automobile industries, for example. Numerous sustainable development projects bring us together with our customers in 11 European countries. We are careful when choosing cooperation partners for Alma Media and require that our subcontractors commit to socially and ethically sustainable business operations.

Working together

Our efforts to develop our corporate responsibility are supported by a group of reliable long-term partners. We also participate in a number of corporate responsibility networks and cooperation bodies that serve as our antennas towards the field of corporate responsibility in general.

Our most significant partnerships and memberships are presented below.