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The foundation of Alma Media’s strategy is built on transforming the core, grow in digital, and internationalisation.

In Alma Media’s operating environment, changes and competition is expected to intensify further during the strategy period 2022–2024. The international platform giants have strengthened their position in several sectors, such as advertising and the marketplaces business. Local competition in Alma Media’s operating countries is also expected to increase. The impact of new, disruptive small niche players challenging current business models is also reflected in the operating environment. 

Alma Media has identified four strategic focus areas with respect to its existing businesses

1) audience acquisition, engagement & monetization, 
2) marketing solutions, 
3) co-operation for larger scale and 
4) the commercialisation of data.

In addition to organic growth, Alma Media actively seeks new business opportunities through acquisitions. The Group is growing and diversifying its product portfolio by expanding from media to marketplaces business and digital services. The Group will continue the internationalisation of the recruitment business, focusing on Eastern Europe and the Balkans. The COVID-19 epidemy has accelerated the ongoing digitalisation process and increased the demand for related services and solutions. The change presents new digital business opportunities in areas such as the subscription business, housing and property transactions, online training and online buying. 

One of the key elements of the Group’s strategy is the goal of continued expansion from content generation and advertising in media and marketplaces towards new digital products and services that address customer needs and cover the entire value chain, ranging from sales systems to transactions. At the same time, the company will establish partnerships to participate in broad and seamless digital service ecosystems in the recruitment, housing and automotive verticals, for example. 

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