The readers of Kauppalehti are a group of
consumers with the highest purchasing power in Finland

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Kauppalehti is a multichannel news outlet focusing on economic phenomena and the money market in the digital era. Finnish decision-makers read Kauppalehti.

Kauppalehti maintains the leading online and mobile news service in Finland, publishing also the Kauppalehti newspaper and its themed supplements.

Kauppalehti reaches the most influential audience in Finland – an audience that appreciates high quality and good service and has the highest purchasing power in Finland. Your brand will be supported by a valued media environment.

Also the business and lifestyle magazine Optio, and the leadership and management magazine Fakta belong to the Kauppalehti product family.



Publication frequency

5 days per week

Combined reach


Print (1 issue) + digital (1 week)

594 000​

Print (5 issues) + digital (1 week)

700 000​


Weekly reach

588 000 (app. not included)

Different devices**

Mobile phone 

70 %

Tablet + Mobile

80 %



Sources: KMT  2021, *FIAM Q1/2022, **Google Analytics 2020


Increased visibility for content

Estonian Business School ran a Kauppalehti Studio article about pursuing an international degree alongside work. It was a new,fresh way to provide information about the university and its degree programmes. The campaign outperformed its targets, with no negative feedback.

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