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Alma network

In the Alma network, the advertiser has a choice of Alma’s versatile online services, whether the target audience is consumers or decision-makers in the B2B sector.

The network includes news media, marketplaces, finance and B2B media and consumer services. You can buy desktop, mobile, and video advertising—as well as content marketing and rich-media solutions—on the network.

Alma’s online users make up a network of profiled browsers. This network allows the advertiser to accurately aim the message at the right target audiences. The Alma network is an excellent platform for targeted advertising. Read more >>

Follow the links below for more information on the available media and their media-specific visibility.


Finance and B2B Media




Why use the Alma network?

  1. The Alma network reaches 3,3 million people weekly. That’s over 87 % of Finns aged 15–74 nationwide.
  2. It is comprised of news media, marketplaces, finance and B2B media and consumer services
  3. The Alma network gives you versatile advertising solutions and targeting options.

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