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Change drivers in the operating environment

Changes in consumer behaviour, the fragmentation of the advertising market, intensifying competition and technological development have changed media consumption and marketing at a very rapid rate. Alma Media faces different forces of change in the company’s operating environment.


• Economies of operating countries affected by COVID­19, recovery expected to start in 2021.
• National economies’ direct effect on advertising, local employment and recruitment portal performance.

Consumer behavior

• COVID­19 accelerates news media consumption digitalization and willingness to pay for digital content.
• Digitalization of consumers’ lives accelerates due to COVID­19 in many areas of life.
• Consumers’ awareness on data protection grows.

Marketing & Advertising

• Structural change in marketing and marketing automation continues.
• Print advertising continues to decrease.
• Importance of new forms of digital advertising e.g. content marketing grows.


• The role of international technology giants strengthens, especially in digital advertising and marketplaces.
• Marketplaces face intensified local competition and small niche players challenge current business models.

Technology & Data

• The role of technology and automation in business functions and processes increases.
• Data, its ownership and databased business solutions have a pivotal role for business in the future.
• The termination of the 3rd party cookies will have implications on marketing, strengthening the position of 1st party data owners.