is Finland’s largest tv-program guide online

    Alma Media > Alma for advertisers > Media and Services > National Consumer Media > is Finland’s largest TV program guide online. The personalized service combines a comprehensive program offering, the facts of the television world, and the hottest current topics. reaches consumers in their leisure time​. The use of Telkku focused on the evening time. 
Telkku’s visitors are major consumers of entertainment and consumer electronics​. is ​an unparalleled medium ​for targeted advertising​ for example when you want to reach entertainment electronics and household appliance buyers​, consumers of pay channels and streaming services​, film enthusiasts or gamers. For advertisers, offers versatile advertising solutions in a quiet advertising environment.




Weekly reach

277 000


Use of service

Peak times

6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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Prices and Material guidelines

Sources: FIAM 2022 week 1-13, GA 

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