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Transparency & Consent Framework

As part of its consent management, Alma adheres to the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0. The aim is to ensure that all parties in the digital advertising chain comply with the GDPR when processing personal data. Alma Media’s media will transfer to the new consent management platform by 15 August 2020 at the latest.

TCF v2.0 will bring improvements that make data collection and use more transparent and manageable. The new version gives consumers more control over how their data is collected and used. Publishers employing the new and improved TCF v2.0 gain, for example, clearer rules on how technology partners can use data. A more detailed description of the new version is available on the IAB Europe website.

The Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) is essential for all digital advertising operators to protect consumer data privacy. The framework allows for programmatically purchased and data-targeted advertising to be displayed or measured, and its content personalised and advertising profiles created, only for consenting users. In the programmatic buying supply chain, the user’s consent for targeted advertising is conveyed to partners approved by Alma.

Partners approved by Alma

As part of its data protection policy, Alma approves all of its partners and data usage purposes through the framework. Finland’s most popular DSPs and advertising distribution systems are on the list of approved partners.

The list of approved partners:

ID           Vendor 

11         Quantcast International Limited 
16         RTB House S.A. 
21         The Trade Desk 
25         Verizon Media EMEA Limited 
30         BidTheatre AB 
32         Xandr, Inc. 
50         Adform 
52         The Rubicon Project, Inc.  
68         Sizmek by Amazon 
79         MediaMath, Inc. 
91         Criteo SA 
115        smartclip Europe GmbH 
126        DoubleVerify Inc. 
130        NextRoll, Inc. 
152        Meetrics GmbH 
209        Delta Projects AB 
217        2KDirect, Inc. (dba iPromote) 
264        Adobe Advertising Cloud 
273        Bannerflow AB 
278        Integral Ad Science, Inc. 
315        Celtra, Inc.
415        Seenthis
506       Salesforce 
772        Oracle Data Cloud – Moat 
729        Cavai
755        Google Advertising Products 
Alma’s consent management tool is validated by IAB and registered on the TCF’s CMP list with the ID number 84.  

If your advertising technology partner is not on the list of approved partners, please contact programmatic(a)

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