Jobly is the answer to the recruitment challenges of this time.

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Jobly awakens and activates the best potential — the ones actively seeking new jobs and those satisfied with their current one. It reaches competent employees who share your company’s values – those who are suited for you.

We serve and attract people who are actively looking for new opportunities and those satisfied with their current job. Alma’s digital network reaches 3.3 million Finns weekly. This combined with strong SEM, powerful re-targeting and high social media visibility creates a recipe for success in recruitment marketing.


A happier working life starts here

Value-based job search is a delicious opportunity for businesses. Impact data facilitates decision-making and promotes transparency. For companies, impact data is a way to differentiate. As more comprehensive than traditional ESG metrics, it highlights many positive effects that may be difficult for companies to communicate otherwise. By posting your jobs in Jobly you are creating a more transparent and happier working life.

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Better results. With prices and solutions that suit you.

A mistake in recruiting eats up time, money, and resources. That makes finding the person suited for you so important. With us, you save money, time and resources. With a wider range of products, we serve you even better.

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