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Brand safety means practices and tools that ensure a safe media environment for a brand by preventing digital advertising from appearing next to inappropriate content. At Alma, you can rest assured that your ads are placed alongside content that is appropriate and safe.

Our clients’ trust in us is based on relevant, high-quality content and a great user experience, which also means successful ad placements. Automated ad placements are driven by advanced – and ever-evolving – technology that is used for analysing content powered by machine learning. Keywords can be used for blocking advertising from appearing next to inappropriate content. However, keywords alone are not enough, which is why we also utilise more detailed content analysis to achieve the best possible targeting results. Smart technology helps us in the fast-paced environment.

Concepts explained

  • Brand safety: practices and tools that are used to ensure that digital advertising is not placed next to inappropriate content
  • Brand suitability: placing ads alongside relevant content
  • Contextual targeting: placing ads in the context of chosen topics

Why is brand safety important?

Awareness of the media environment’s significance has increased along with programmatic advertising.

Technology allows for blocking advertising from undesirable contexts.

Responsibility is increasingly important for companies.

The increase of fake news, hate pages, etc.

Changes to cookies in advertising raise expectations towards contextual advertising.

Responsibility is also required from the advertisers’ partners.

Safe ad placements = responsible advertising = brand safety

One of the most important elements of profitable advertising is a high-quality and safe media environment.

We stay true to our customer promise: Advertising is automatically blocked from articles and videos categorised as shocking and harmful. Alma’s news outlets exercise careful journalistic discretion; our key principles include respecting privacy, handling victims of crime in a considerate manner, avoiding brutal descriptions in text and headlines, and carefully evaluating images to be published.

This way, we can provide appropriate, captivating, and, above all, safe content for our readers. Together we keep the media environment safe.

Brand safety solutions for your brand

Do you have questions about your brand’s safety? Alma’s experts are happy to help you in all questions concerning brand safety. We can also provide brand suitability solutions tailored to your needs; contact your media sales representative.