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We reach Finns nationally and regionally. Alma’s digital network reaches 3.2 million Finns every week. Alma Media’s online users make up a network that allows you to accurately target your message to the right target audiences.

We at Alma provide you with a variety of new marketing opportunities. We design, produce, and publish many forms of content marketing for print and digital channels. We support creative agencies and marketing departments in developing impressive rich media solutions. We provide fast, cost-effective production and a wide range of publishing platforms for video advertising.
You can buy advertising in our media and services programmatically or directly. Our expert media sales personnel are ready to help you choose the right audiences and channels, advise you on purchasing, or assist with any other requests you may have.

Source: FIAM (over 16-year-old internet users). Alma network 2023 (1-8)

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Please contact our media sales team when you want to hear more about how we can help you with advertising.


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Research information for advertisers

We at Alma Media provide you with research data that can guide your advertising in the right direction and help you reach the target audience more effectively. Our key advertising design tools are TNS Mind Päättäjä, TNS Atlas, and National Media Research (NMR). They provide information on the scope of different media audiences as well as different target groups’ behaviours and attitudes towards both B2B and B2C advertisers. We also carry out different measurements that help you reach your goals.


Media advertising glossary

The media advertising field is becoming more and more diversified as technologies evolve. As a result, the measurability and optimization opportunities of advertising are improving. To speed your quest, we listed some of the most important terms for advertisers.