Content marketing

Content marketing is sharing key information that will engage your customers.  Your goal may be to build leadership or to increase your e-commerce sales. Either way, it is essential that you have thought out the goals and crafted content to support them.

Does impact equal audience? Through content marketing, you can change your brand’s image. You can arouse emotions and deepen your customer relationships. You can affect your customers’ buying behaviours and attitudes, and you can help your customers succeed. To impact, however, you need your audience, your audience needs you to help them find your content, and we need you to help us reach those your content matters to—those who matter to your business.

Alma is your number one partner for the entire content-marketing chain, from design and creation to production and publishing. If you have already published high-quality content, we can help you achieve better results with our comprehensive content display solutions.

And, of course, we always measure the success of our content marketing strategies to ensure that the agreed goals are achieved.

Effective content marketing has three steps:

  1. Goal-oriented planning and a creative idea 
  2. High-quality content production
  3. Effective and properly targeted distribution

Content Marketing Solutions


Articles are a good way to highlight your expertise or to attract your target audience to your products and services. The power of articles lies in regular, long-term content production.

With a blog, you can capture your readers’ attention and provide them with expertise and ideas. For blogs, regularity is essential. A good blog post builds rapport, provokes discussion, and spreads across social media channels.

Videos are popular and flexible for guiding users, teaching, conducting expert interviews, displaying show-and-tell, arousing emotions, entertaining, and convincing the viewer. However, it’s important to remember that no matter how amazing the video may be, you still need to take it to its intended audience.

Animations and infographics are an excellent way to show a complex matter in a fun and insightful manner. We remember content more easily when we grasp it quickly and experience the pleasure of understanding.

Reader competitions, tests, and campaigns can encourage your target audience to contribute to your business, to test their knowledge of your products, or to evaluate your services. Campaigns generate leads—just remember to ask the prospective customers for their permission before sending communications.

Test groups can quickly provide you with information about user preferences and help you develop your products, services, or communications.

Studio is your own media channel inside a mainstream medium. It provides you with direct contact to the target audience and decision-makers.  In Studio, you can publish your own articles, photos, videos, and blogs, and you can be sure that they reach your audience.

Your goals decide what content-marketing solution will work best for you. High-quality content is the key. We can produce it for you or make use of your existing content.  To make use of existing content, we have various tools available: pull quotes, traffic generation for your own media, mini-sites, content in the medium’s content stream or targeted to audiences interested in your content, and more. By contacting us you can be sure that we will find the best possible solution for you and your business!

In print

An advertorial is an advertisement in the style of an editorial or objective journalistic article. An advertorial can convincingly describe your expertise or present the benefits of your services through case examples.

In your own media supplement, you can compile the best content published on your company’s website. The supplement can also be a special edition focusing on your most important business themes. A feature magazine is a pleasant giveaway at meetings and can also be delivered to your target audience inside a newspaper or magazine.


Content marketing and its concepts go hand in hand with different events. We always keep this in mind when planning a smart, full-service content-marketing solution for your business.

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