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Reach home seekers in Finland’s leading housing media. and have a comprehensive reach of home buyers – allowing you to use target groups and data to make your advertising even more effective.

Weekly reach


different visitors
/ week

Reaching the target groups of Alma Housing
is based on our popular services:

895 000 different visitors / week

16,5 million pageviews

261 000 different visitors / week

4,8 million pageviews

Source: FIAM 2023 week1-4

Alma housing marketplaces + media = leading trailblazer


Unique information about the market, what is being searched, bought and read


The most comprehensive solutions for all stages of the purchase path

Advertising solutions

The most creative and productive advertising solutions, with best reach
can be purchased with different methods (direct sales, programmatic purchasing, programmatic guaranteed).

We know what is searched and what is read

Housing services are part of the Alma network, which reaches

3,2 million

Finns each week

Source: FIAM 2023 (1-8) is apartment buyersmost used website

Where did you search or get information about the apartments for sale? Websites only.

Source: Apartment buying and selling process survey 2021. All respondents, n=700/676.
Answers given spontaneously. The respondents have bought the apartment for their own use within 6 months and reach the hottest buyers in the purchase funnel

• Home changers

• Decorators

• Renovators

• Dreamers

Share of the internet at different stages of the home buying process

Information gathering

88 %

search for information on the Internet


75 %

checked pictures, information, video/virtual presentations of the apartment online

Attending the showing

3 %

participated in the remote presentation of the purchased apartment

Loan negotiations

75 %

of borrowers held the negotiations remotely in a video meeting or by phone

Finalizing purchase

20 %

made transactions remotely, digitally

Alma Data

Website users are divided into segments based on their behavior. You can target behaviorally based interest segments and modeled demographic segments.

Alma offers targeting opportunities for most needs

Contextual and content targeting

Targeting around the contents of a certain topic, targeting with media selection or targeting different themes or sections.


Retargeting to those who have previously seen / clicked on the ad.

Technical targeting

E.g. time, browser and device targeting.

Geographical (GEO)

Based on GPS data in mobile, IP addresses in Desktop. Geo segments also available.

Data and Targeting

Purchase intent

Context (sections)

Marketplace search


Life situation





Reach your exact target group with the right media environment and the data connected to it – get your message more coverage and repetition with Alma’s media

Cooperation worthy of trust

High quality:

The data source is Alma’s own digital services, subscriber and registration information, and various surveys


Data is collected and processed taking into account the requirements of data protection regulations and user privacy.


We know where the data comes from and how it has been processed. We transparently disclose how our segments are formed and their population sizes.

Subject to continuous development:

Our Data Scientists and experts are constantly developing data modeling with modern machine learning methods.

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