Accelerating growth for individuals, businesses and society.

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Purpose, vision and values


Alma’s purpose is to accelerate responsible growth of individuals, businesses and society.

Through our media and digital services we increase people’s knowledge and understanding of the world. We are present in people’s lives in their important moments helping them to change homes, cars or workplace. We create wellfare to the whole society by being a responsible partner and encouraging companies towards growth.



Alma Media is a leading European service and content revolution company, with a local heart.  

We believe that sustainable growth for business and society happens when every individual can make their best choices, when and where they matter the most.  

It is why we want to inspire human curiosity and choice – by creating the most preferred services that combine technology and content in the most locally meaningful and convenient way.  

We will succeed by understanding how and how fast consumer behavior, technology and use of data will change – and by anticipating the impact and opportunities this change will create for us.  

That is how we can always be at arm’s reach, as the first choice; when and where our customers want and need us to be. 



Our shared values guide all Alma Media employees’ actions and decision-making.

Freedom and pluralism of journalism

Freedom and pluralism of communication is a basis for reliable journalism and business. We promote free speech and pluralistic public discussion with the goal of treating all parties equally. We communicate openly in a way that respects pluralism and takes the opinions of others into consideration in every interactive situation.

Team play

Together we are more! Team play means sharing expertise and other resources between staff members, departments and units. A teamplayer provides a good example for others and gives others space to work. Good team play involves conversation and goal-setting, values the expertise of others and is meaningful for its participants.


We are bold in transformation. Courage describes the way work and direct resources to new areas. Our future is in our hands, but we listen the perspectives of all our stakeholders and open minded we pounce the new opportunities to leverage our core business operations.


The trust and loyalty of our customers relies on integrity and accuracy of our content, on superior service and user-experience and on flawlessness handling of customer data. We focus on developing responsible journalism and marketing, customer-privacy and data security. We are responsible of our personnel and of the surrounding environment.

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