Alma Media creates growth together.
Today and tomorrow. 

Alma Media in brief

In Finland, our business includes financial, professional and national media, digital consumer and business services, training as well as trade literature publishing. Alma Media’s international business in Eastern Central Europe, Sweden, and the Baltic countries consists of recruitment services, an online marketplace for commercial properties and telemarketing services.

Alma Media is a dynamic multi-channel media company with a strong capacity for renewal. Our products are the leading media and service brands in their respective fields and they have a strong market position in most of the operating countries. Our best-known brands include Kauppalehti, Talouselämä, Iltalehti, and Monster.

In 2019

Revenue 250 million euros (continuing operations)

Employees 1,530

Operations in 10 countries in Europe

We add service into media business

Our transformation from a company reliant on the printed newspaper publishing business to a provider of digital services has been well underway for a long time. We have made investments in digital media and services since the mid-1990s. The expansion of our digital services has been particularly successful in Eastern Central Europe. Digitisation is opening up a variety of opportunities for us, and media is increasingly becoming a service.

We build sustainable media

To us, corporate responsibility implies both the responsibility of our own operations and making responsibility an integral part of business operations. For Alma Media, reliability, primarily implying the provision of reliable media content, as well as environmental responsibility, are the two most important elements of responsibility. Other key elements of responsibility include journalistic integrity, responsibility for employees, the promotion of free speech, as well as supporting and promoting locality and communality.

We reach our customers

Network advertising, with a weekly reach of more than three million Finnish consumers, has seen strong growth in recent years. We are also actively developing tools and solutions that make it easier to buy digital advertising; for example, in the areas of targeted online advertising, user traffic measurement for web and mobile services, and analytics.

We work hard to constantly find new ways to refine and package information to meet various customer needs or, in other words, to bring information to life. Living information helps make better decisions and choices. Alma Media works for individual freedom and well-being. We want to be the most exciting provider of information, service and experiences. We set the stage for the future of media.

Alma Media creates growth together. Today and tomorrow.