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Mobile advertising

Alma’s mobile network reaches four million unique browsers weekly, which makes it one of the most pervasive mobile advertising networks in Finland.

Mobile is personal and involved in everyday life around the clock. On mobile, you can reach the users on the move, both at work and in their free time​.

Mobile enables innovative advertising solutions

On mobile, users get inspired and search for information in advance –  this creates an opportunity to affect the users’ perceptions and purchase decisions. Using the unique features of a mobile device, you can impress and interact with your target audience. Now, clicks are no longer the only measure of functional advertising.​​ On mobile, you can use interactive and activating ad formats that, according to studies, engage users three times more effectively than advertising without activation (Celtra creative insight report Q1/2019). With personalisation, rich media implementation and ad formats that make use of the mobile device’s full screen, you’ll get a wider reach for your advertising.

Forms of advertising

The forms of advertising available for mobile platforms include static images, video advertisements and rich media. 

Alma Visuals is your toolbox for display advertising and various creative advertising solutions. Alma Visuals (Celtra) is the chosen tool for Alma’s creative advertising solutions. Interactive, spectacular and impressive campaigns created with Alma Visuals (Celtra) catch the users’ attention, and users spend more time with Alma Visuals (Celtra) campaigns than with other advertising. Read more here.

Why use the Alma network for mobile advertising?

  • Over 70% of digital traffic in Alma takes place on mobile. Iltalehti has the most used application of all Alma’s media. The application users are committed.
  • We are constantly working at ad viewability. Our network’s average viewability is nearly 70% on mobile, which is much higher than the IAB guideline. 
  • Cross-device advertising is possible in Alma network – you’ll reach your audience everywhere during the day, regardless of the device they use.
  • On mobile you can use Alma”s versatile targeting opportunities. Read more here.