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Business units

Alma Media’s business units are Alma Consumer, Alma Career and Alma Talent.


The Alma Consumer segment included the multi-channel news and lifestyle media Iltalehti, Finland’s leading housing marketplace and housing rental marketplace, the automotive marketplace as well as the housing and car trade systems that serve companies operating in these fields. In addition, the segment includes comparison services, such as,, and Alma Consumer’s digital services are also, and

In April 2021, Nettix became part of Alma Consumer.  Its businesses consists of Finland’s leading motor vehicle marketplaces, such as Nettiauto, Nettikone and Nettimoto. In addition, Konepörssi, the leading professional media for machine and transport business, and the news service Ampparit are Nettix’s businesses.

Alma Consumer operates in Finland.

Alma Consumer’s competitiveness is based on the superior reach of media and services as a digital network, the unique user data pool and the developing industry verticals in the areas of media, housing, cars and comparison services.


Alma Career’s recruitment services include,, CVOnline,,, and

Alma Career operates in 10 countries in Europe.

In addition to promoting job boards and recruitment advertising, Alma Career  focuses on expanding the business into career development and digital staffing services, on-demand, managed services as well as professional education.

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Subscription-based digital content media. In addition to the leading financial media brand Kauppalehti, Alma Talent’s financial and professional media include Talouselämä, Tekniikka & Talous and Arvopaperi. The business segment aims to build a stronger and more integrated service offering to complement its media business as well as seek growth supported by its existing businesses and content. Alma Talent Services offers professionals and businesses a comprehensive range of content related to company information, real estate information, law, financial management, competence development, leadership and marketing services.

Alma Talent operates in Finland and Sweden.