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Alma Media creates shareholder value by implementing a strategy that is based on seeking profitable growth in the digital media and service business. We focus on growing the marketplaces business, expanding our professional media and services aimed at professionals as well as developing national multi-channel consumer media and services.

The following matters support investing in Alma Media:

1. An organisation with a strong capacity for renewal 

  • Our business has undergone a tremendous transformation over the past years from a printed newspaper publishing business to a digital media, marketplaces and service company. The strategy has been focused on profitable growth and building a solid foundation around digital products. Our strategic focus on renewal and digital services has enabled us to increase shareholder value by taking full advantage of the drivers of change in our markets. Our culture and strong expertise support our growth and provide the foundation for continued renewal in the years to come.
  • Our digital business models have enabled expansion into additional services in various verticals, such as recruitment services, housing and the automotive segment. Digital business now accounts for over 82% of our revenue. Our digital business models are cost-efficient and scalable, and they have enabled us to expand our role in our customers’ value chains in our key business areas and have an excellent capability for strong value creation in the long run.
  • The use of digital business models and data as well as through good cooperation between businesses and the Group’s unique competitive advantage, we have built a successful combination of media, marketplaces and digital services. Our journey continues to the development of digital businesses to the next level, towards advanced trading platforms. In the media business, the transformation continues to grow the share of digital media even further.

2. Strong brands and digital product portfolio

Our products and services are the leading brands among their respective target groups and they have a strong market position. In the recruitment business, we are the market leader in several growing markets in Eastern Central Europe. Our international business operations account for just under 40% of our revenue and approximately 60% of our profit. Our business is not solely dependent on our domestic market, which is characterised by slow growth.

  • Alma Media has several strong media and service brands in Finland. For advertisers, we offer a large Finnish digital advertising network.
  • Our services include the leading Finnish housing and automotive marketplaces, Nettiauto and
  • Leading financial media, such as Kauppalehti and Talouselämä, and the national news media Iltalehti reach nearly 80 per cent of all Finns on a weekly basis.

In addition, we provide professionals and companies with comprehensive content related to business information, real estate information, law, financial management, expertise, management and marketing.

3. Solid financial position

  • Our scalable, agile and cost-efficient business model is capital-light. Our business model and profitable growth provide us with a strong financial position in spite of an increase in debt due to acquisitions. Our return on equity was over 26% in 2023 and our liquidity is good.
  • Profitable growth generates strong return on investment (ROI) and enables efficient deleveraging.
  • Alma Media’s good dividend payout capacity is based on the Group’s ability to generate strong and stable cash flow. Our goal, on average, is to distribute more than half of our profit for each financial year as dividends.

See Alma Media’s financial targets here.