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Alma Media creates shareholder value by implementing a strategy that is based on seeking profitable growth in the digital media and service business. We focus on growing the marketplaces business, expanding our professional media and services aimed at professionals as well as developing national multi-channel consumer media and services.

The following matters support investing in Alma Media:

1. Successful digital transformation 

  • Our strategic focus has been on creating profitable digital growth and we have a strong track record of executing this strategy
  • We have made excellent progress in transformation from a printed newspaper publishing business to a digital media, marketplaces and service company. Digital business now accounts for nearly 80% of our total revenue.
  • Our digital business models have enabled expansion into additional services in various verticals, such as recruitment services, housing and the automotive segment.
  • The use of digital business models and data has enabled us to strengthen synergies between media, the marketplaces business and digital services. 

2. Leading market position and strong brands 

Our products are the leading media and service brands in respective target groups and have a strong market position in several of our operating countries.

3. Agile business model enables profitable growth and good dividend payout capacity

  • Our scalable and cost-efficient business model is capital-light.
  • Profitable growth generates strong return on investment (ROI) and enables efficient deleveraging.
  • Alma Media’s good dividend payout capacity is based on the Group’s ability to generate strong and stable cash flow. Our goal, on average, is to distribute more than half of our profit for each financial year as dividends.

See Alma Media’s financial targets here.