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More effective advertising with programmatic buying

Programmatic advertising refers to the use of automated platforms in buying and selling digital advertising. ​In programmatic buying, the advertising price is determined in an auction and the ad buying always takes place in real time. In programmatic advertising, you buy chosen audiences, not just individual media or sites. Data, algorithms, and technology are used in ad buying.

Programmatic advertising is an effective form of digital advertising

Programmatic buying provides various benefits. The use of algorithms enables effective, real-time advertising optimisation.

Programmatic advertising makes ad buying easy and effective. Additionally, it provides a wide selection of targeting options based on versatile data usage. It allows you to find the right audiences at the right time without the limitations of an individual medium or site.

Programmatic advertising provides you control over your advertising and makes it easy to test and measure how your advertising performs. With programmatic buying, you can quickly get started with your advertising and individual campaigns, and it is easy to react to changes. When advertising is bought through one system, it is comparable and controllable.

Alma provides a high-quality environment for programmatic advertising

Alma Media is a safe, high-quality, and transparent environment for programmatic buying and advertising. You can purchase advertising throughout Alma’s websites.

We develop our programmatic advertising channels and options continuously so that you can have the latest technological advances at your disposal.

We work in close cooperation with the advertisers to enable easy, productive processes and campaign monitoring.

Programmatic advertising Help Centre

Do you need more information about the systems and deals used in programmatic advertising? Do you need help with a problem?

We have compiled tools and information for programmatic buyers in one place.

Contact the programmatic team

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