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Video advertising price lists


Alma Network14 €
Alma Businessmedia
Arvopaperi, Kauppalehti, Mikrobitti, Talouselämä, Tekniikkatalous,, Uusisuomi
21 €
Mobility marketplaces, Nettiauto, Nettimoto, Nettivene, Nettikone, Nettivaraosa, Nettikaravaani
15 €
Housing services
Etuovi, Vuokraovi
18 €
Consumer media and services
Iltalehti, Telkku, Kotikokki, Ampparit
14 €


DurationNet price
Preroll max 15 s.5.00 €

Iltalehti Video premium

Preroll max 6s*9,8 €
Preroll max 10s*16,7 €
Preroll max 15s*25,9 €
Preroll max 20s*34,9 €
Postroll max 30s14,00 €

*Guaranteed completion on max. 20 s preroll videos

Alma Video Volume

DurationNet price
Alma Video Volume 10 s.8.00 €
Alma Video Volume 15 s.10.00 €

Prices are non-targeted advertising prices ROS, cpm.

There is an additional charge for targeting, depending on the chosen targeting. 

VAT is added to the prices.

Cross-device visibility.

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TERMS OF SALE    |    Iltalehti payments

Advertising formats and sizes

The outstream video ad appears among editorial text content such as articles and news.

Outstream video

Outstream video will not start until it is on the visitor’s screen. Similarly, it stops if the visitor moves elsewhere on the screen.

The ads viewed until  the end have a high attention value!

With Outstream Video, the advertiser gets wide reach and can take advantage of the precise targeting Alma provides.

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  • mp4
  • File size max 4 MB
  • Max. length 30 s (recommended 5-15 s)

See here for detailed material instructions >>

Material sizes:

Alma Business verkosto, Kauppalehti, Uusi Suomi,
Arvopaperi, Mikrobitti, Talouselämä, Tekniikka&Talous, TiVi,
Iltalehti, Alma-verkosto,
Telkku, Kotikokki, Ampparit, IL osiot,
Etuovi, Vuokraovi,
Autoilun markkinapaikat, liikkumisen palvelut,
Autotalli, Nettiauto, Nettimoto, Nettivuokraus, Nettimökki, Nettivene, Nettivaraosa, Nettikaravaani, Nettimarkkina, Nettikone
Horizontal 16:9
OR vertical 9:16
OR square 1:1

Material delivery:

Delivery of materials to: mediamainonta(a)

  • Special materials must be submitted five (5) full business days before the start of the campaign by 12:00 noon.

Instream, i.e. spot advertising, is shown with editorial video content.

Preroll & Postroll videos

Advertising formats that appears with video content. Enables the use of storytelling silmilar to TV advertising.

Preroll video ad is shown before video content and postroll video ad is shown after video content. In instream advertising, you can also use interactive preroll.

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File formats: mp4 or webm
Resolution: 360×640 px or 640×360 px
Duration: max 30 sec.

See here for more detailed material instructions >>

Alma Business network, Iltalehti


IL-palat is a new way of consuming news. ​ Among other things, the most interesting videos and pictures are added to them, the important points of big news topics are summarized, and new angles and more interesting details are added to the topics.

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File formats: mp4 or webm
Resolution: 360×640 px
Duration: max 15 sec.

See here for more detailed material instructions >>

  • Display-based vertical instream advertising can be purchased for IL pieces ​
  • In blocks, the user can skip visible advertising by swiping to the next one – skippable (no guarantee of viewing to the end)​
  • Very short videos are preferred – from 6 sec. and a maximum of 15 sec. ​(Tip: Bring the most important message and logos to the screen in the first second.)

Alma Video Volume

In Alma Video Volume, video ads are displayed cross-device, both in connection with editorial video content (instream) and text articles (outstream).

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Aspect ratio: Horizontal 16:9 AND/OR Vertical 9:16

Max size: 4MB

MediaLengthCPMprice (€)
Alma-networkMax.10s OR Max.15sUpon request

Outstream video starts automatically without sounds when the ad appears on the user’s screen. The last frame of the video remains visible in the advertising space.

See here for detailed material instructions >>

Other video advertising solutions – Alma Visuals

Alma Visuals can be used to implement completely new types of campaign solutions or to enrich basic ad formats with new elements. Alma Visuals is an easy-to-use tool for agile creative productions.

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See detailed material instructions for Alma Visuals solutions >>

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