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Check out Alma’s volume and seasonal benefits below.

Seasonal price indices

27.6.-14.8.80Alma Network,
Alma Business Media,
19.12.-1.1.80Alma Business Media
  • Index price applies to standard CPM priced campaigns and CPM priced content marketing
  • The price does not apply to multi-channel solutions nor bundled or time sensitive products or campaigns
  • Does not apply to content marketing, Alma Visuals solutions or productions
  • Only one price benefit or package discount per campaign.

Volume and annual contract discount (digital)

Net investment €               Volume discount%

2,000-4,999                               2

5,000-9,999                              5

10,000-19,999                               7

20,000-29,999                               9

30,000-39,999                               11

40,000-49,999                               13

50,000-59,999                               15

60,000-79,999                               17

80,000 – 99,999                               18

100,000 – 139,999                               19

140,000-179,999                               20

180,000-199,999                               21

200,000-249,999                               22

250,000 –                               24

The volume discount is determined in accordance with the volume discount table and is calculated from the net value of the advertisements booked by the customer at the same time. Net value refers to the tax-free invoicing value, from which discounts have already been deducted.

The annual contract discount is determined on the basis of the volume discount table. It is calculated according to the customer’s total net investment over the contract period.

Obtaining an annual contract discount requires a written agreement with Alma Media.