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Celtra solutions

Celtra is the chosen tool for Alma’s creative advertising solutions. Interactive, spectacular and impressive campaigns created with Celtra catch the users’ attention, and users spend more time with Celtra campaigns than with other advertising.

We continually develop new schemes with our advertising customers.

Not only does Celtra allow you to carry out your campaigns quickly and easily, it is also a unique tool for managing and modifying a campaign whenever necessary.

See example solutions in the videos below.

Ask for more information at our media sales for your individual campaign!

Why use Celtra?

  1. Easy and impressive rich media solutions
  2. An easy-to-use management tool for live campaign optimisation
  3. A continuous flow of more developed advertising formats and components for creative projects

Celtra webinar series

The webinars focus on high quality advertisement production from creative designers” point of view.


Spark your customers’ interest


Create interaction


Share experiences

Spark your customers’ interest

The best solutions for promoting new products and campaign offers.


Expandable banner, a pack of product cards

300×300 Carousel with a swipey group -component

Voucher banner with a steam effect

Interscroller with a static product image

Product carousel

Giant panorama with a visual effect

Vertical video sticky banner

Banner with a location feature

Create interaction

Interactive and creative solutions enhance the customer’s brand experience.


Interactive scratch ad with an underlying video

Reactive Scroll Banner

Interactive drag & drop banner

Banner with a steam effect and info field

In-banner mini site

Interactive preroll

Share experiences

Enticing, innovative experiences with impressive video advertisements.


360 video banner

Interscroller with an autoplay video and a still image

300×300 autoplay video banner

Vertical video interscroller

Autoplay video banner

Video wallpaper

Autoplay video banner with a static image

Autoplay video banner with call-to-action