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Alma Visuals solutions


Impressive creative solutions easily

Attractive campaign implementations grab the user’s attention and more time is spent with them compared conventional advertising.

With the help of Alma Visuals, truly novel campaigns become possible and basic advertising formats can be enriched with all new elements. Alma Visuals is an easy-to-use tool that allows creative productions to be carried out swiftly and without effort. And the best part? No coding required! 

With Alma Visuals, there are no defined limits for creativity, instead the tool meets even the most demanding needs. 




Why use Alma Visuals?

  1. Impressive rich media implementations easily
  2. An easy-to-use management tool for optimizing the campaign even as it’s running!
  3. More and more increasingly sophisticated advertising formats and components for creative implementations

A moving image in advertising attracts the user’s attention 1.3x bettercompared to static material.                                                                    

Interactive elements in an ad engage users 3x more effectively compared to advertising without activation.

Utilize the entire screen of the mobile device for undivided attention and hook the readers with various effects.



Advertising brings the brand, product or service to the customer’s awareness and increases its recognition.

Effective ads & the importance of repetition.
Advertising can enforce the message and strengthen the overall brand image. Communicate about different features, benefits or advantages, and guide your customer to the content.

A combination of brand and tactical advertising.
The customer is directed to make a purchase, either online, through the contact form, or by visiting a physical location.

Guide to action, encourage to click.
Advertising reminds existing customers of the brand and engages them, leading to continued relationship and additional purchases.

Maintain interest with constant visibility.



See examples of previous implementations below.

For your own campaign solution, inquire more from our media sales!



Grab attention with attractive advertising surfaces.

Impress with a moving image and strengthen your customers’ brand relationship.


Wide reach with a large ad space

 Engage the reader with a moving image that fills the entire screen.

Full-screen video

Use the full ad space for a video. Maximise your message’s reach and video views.

Full-screen video

Use the full ad space for a video. Maximise your message’s reach and video views.

Wide reach with an impressive advertising solution

Display equivalent for a TV ad

Take over the mobile device’s full screen

Hook your readers with the scrolling effect.

Directly from YouTube to the ad

Stream a live video from YouTube directly to the ad. Expand your reach and direct traffic with a live banner.

Catalogue directs readers and traffic to your website

Full-screen option and a reader-friendly user experience



Advertising can strengthen the message and overall brand image.

Can be used to describe different features, benefits, and advantages, as well as to direct readers to content

Draw attention with a scrolling effect

The ad content reacts to scrolling

Bring your campaign page information to the ad

The reader gets a glimpse of the message before visiting your website.

Make your ad banner interactive

Hook your readers, and leave a memory trace. Increase the time spent with your brand.

From static to animated banner

Even the smallest movements draw the reader’s attention better.

Draw attention with visual effects

Enrich your banner easily with light visual effects to draw the reader’s attention.

Make your content more attractive with interactive elements

Add interactive elements to your video ad

to increase the time spent with your brand.

Combine video and tactical message

Visibility for your brand and product features

Include a brand video and tactical perspective in the same banner.

Reach your readers and generate traffic to your website

Full-screen option and a reader-friendly user experience

Direct readers to shop on your website

Make it easy for the consumer to learn about your products and buy them directly from the product images.

Works on video and images

Activate the reader, leave a memory trace

On a carousel with a series of cards, you can advertise several products at the same time.

 A tactical format that activates the reader and leaves a longer memory trace



The customer is directed to make a purchase online or via a contact form,
or to visit your physical shop.


Chat with the reader in the ad





A chatbot makes it easy to start a discussion with the reader directly in the ad.

The chat banner is best suited for customer service and for generating leads before directing the reader to your website.





Direct the customer to your shop





Store Locator shows the nearest physical shop and directs customers to visit it.





Encourage readers to download offers





The coupon prompts readers to download offers to their phones.





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Collect direct contacts with a lead banner.

The contact details will be stored for later use.







Engage your customers with versatile ad solutions and a phased campaign.


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