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Online video consumption, particularly on mobile devices, is commonplace. 78 % of Finns and almost all young people 15-34 yrs old watch video content weekly (Alma video survey 2019). 

Online publications increasingly feature videos and interactive content. Young people, in particular, are major consumers of online video.  Alma network offers video advertising solutions that work across all of Alma network’s media regardless of the device used. Video advertising can be displayed in conjunction with video and text content, but also within banners displayed in normal advertising placements. The different forms of video advertising are an easy way to achieve high reach and accurate targeting.

Alma Visuals is your toolbox for display and video advertising and various creative advertising solutions. Celtra is the chosen tool for Alma’s creative advertising solutions. Interactive, spectacular and impressive campaigns created with Celtra catch the users’ attention, and users spend more time with Celtra campaigns than with other advertising.  

Why use video advertising?

  • 75 % of the population watch video content to pass time
  • 48 % of the population watch videos about a product or service before making a purchase decision
  • 61 % of the population watch videos when they are looking for information about something
  • Video advertising catches the eye. Even 29% higher attention rate compared to still ads

Alma video survey 2019, Alma Media & University of Tampere research on eye movements and video 2019

You’ll find a suitable alternative from Alma’s comprehensive video product selection

You can buy cross-device video advertising and reach your audience on all devices.

Instream advertising

The ad is shown in connection with Alma video content as pre-roll or post-roll. In instream advertising, you can also use interactive pre-roll.

Outstream advertising

The ad appears in the middle of an article either in horizontal or vertical mode. The video starts playing automatically when the ad is shown on the user’s screen.

In-banner video advertising

In-banner video ads can be shown in any normal ad space, for example, as a parade. The video is part of the banner and can fill the whole banner or a part of it.