Sustainable business growth


Alma Media believes that the trend of change in media consumption will grow stronger and the competition for advertising spending will intensify in Finland. The markets will develop more favourably in our other countries of operation.

Alma creates sustainable growth in this operating environment, making use of digitisation opportunities in its business operations. We focus on the development and sales of digital content, as well as business growth in services and agile marketing solutions. We also seek opportunities to enter new market areas.

Alma has been implementing a strategy that has created sustainable growth in digital services while also ensuring the vitality of its traditional, print-based business operations through efficiency measures.

Over the next few years, Alma will create growth and improve its profitability as follows:

  • Our goal is to actively develop our existing products and services, particularly through digitisation, to expand these products and services and to strengthen our existing business areas through restructuring. The company seeks to increase its net sales and market shares, particularly in digital media and services in Finland, and to expand its international business operations, making use of its existing business.
  • At the same time, we will capitalise on our strong financing position and seek to expand into new products, services and markets, particularly through restructuring, based on our existing business areas. Our new endeavours will focus on digital business operations.

Our business development will be based on the following strategic focuses and targets:

  • Retaining our current level of net sales from content. Alma seeks considerable growth in the digital content sales of its media products to compensate for its decreasing subscription income from print-based media. Increased profitability and quality assurance in content production, as well as an improved user experience for content, are also important.
  • Best partner for advertisers in marketing solutions. Alma will introduce new products in advertising and marketing solutions by making use of behavioural data and analysis.
  • Strong growth from services. In digital services, Alma seeks continuous growth, particularly in foreign recruitment business operations, but also in marketplace business operations and information services in Finland. Other key areas include distribution and printing services and training and marketing services.

Alma will continue to improve internal cooperation within the group, ensuring efficient back-end systems and processes, strategic partnerships and an ability to make use of improving employee competencies in various business operations according to need. Alma will improve the recognisability of its brand and key products among consumers and advertisers.

Alma’s products and services will serve as a foundation for sustainable growth for people, companies, communities and society.