Sustainable business growth


Alma Media believes that the trend of change in media consumption will grow stronger and the competition for advertising spending will intensify in Finland. The markets will develop more favourably in our other countries of operation.

In this operating environment Alma Media creates sustainable growth by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the digital transformation. The objective is to increase shareholder value through revenue growth and improved profitability. Alma Media is developing and expanding its current business operations and seeking growth opportunities in new businesses and markets. The company will remain on the path of internationalisation. In addition to organic growth, the improvement of profitability will be accelerated by acquisitions. 

Alma Media will respond to consumers’ changing media consumption and build its publishing brands into multi-channel media solutions. In the media business, the shift from print to digital media will continue with the development of digital content and marketing solutions in line with customer needs, ensuring that the Group’s media are valued as the leading brands in their respective regions and communities.

The share of revenue represented by digital consumer and business services will be increased. In order to achieve this goal, Alma Media will increase its digital offering by launching new products and services, also outside publishing operations.

For the 2019–2021 strategy period, Alma Media has selected five strategic cross-business initiatives that are particularly aimed at the growth and development of digital business. Cooperation and synergies between the Group’s various businesses will be leveraged in the execution of the initiatives. The strategic initiatives are: 1) centralised national media sales through Alma Media Solutions; 2) aiming for growth in digital content revenue through Digital Subscriptions; 3) utilising data in business while taking regulatory requirements into consideration; 4) Alma themes and services focused on special content areas and services; and 5) growth and management of visitor traffic by Digital Audiences.