Programmatic buying

Programmatic buying involves automated buying and selling of advertising. Alma Media is a safe, high-quality, and transparent environment for programmatic buying. Read more about our products here.

You can trust us with your programmatic advertising campaigns. We develop our programmatic buying channels and opportunities continuously so that you can have the latest technological advances at your disposal.

Your processes and campaign monitoring will be easy and productive, thanks to our close collaboration with you.

Programmatic buying: why?

  • Programmatic buying is almost always a viable purchasing method. Alma Media offers similar advertising solutions for closed auctions and direct selling.
  • Programmatic buying is effective and provides an extensive choice of targeting methods and real-time optimisation of campaigns.

The ABCs of programmatic buying

See more information on the principles of programmatic buying.


Buying Alma's advertising inventory programmatically.

Programmatic vs. direct buying

Find out more about the pros and cons of programmatic vs. direct buying

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