Rich Media

Rich Media is a functional form of advertising that can include video, sound and interactive elements. Rich media advertisements attract attention while also increasing the interaction rate and the time spent with the advertisement. The average interaction rate of mobile rich media campaigns is more than six times higher than that of static creatives.

Alma offers a broad range of rich media solutions for both mobile and desktop as turnkey deliveries. Read more about our solutions below.

Advertisers can also produce rich media advertisements for desktop and mobile themself. For creative guidelines, click here >>

Celtra solutions

Alma Visuals offers advertisers and media agencies a tool for creating impressive, functional HTML5 advertisements with the Celtra tool. This easy-to-use tool is browser-based and requires no coding skills: you can just drag and drop. You can use the tool to build solutions for mobile and desktop devices.

Read more about Celtra solutions.

See examples of mobile rich media solutions produced with Alma's Celtra tool in the video:

Alma Visuals is your toolbox for display advertising and various creative advertising solutions.

Celtra is the chosen tool for Alma’s creative advertising solutions.

Why use rich media?

  1. Rich media enables activation within the advertisement.
  2. Rich media increases the time spent with the advertisement.
  3. Rich media increases interaction. The average interaction rate of mobile rich-media campaigns is more than six times higher than that of static material.
  4. The Celtra tool offered by Alma makes producing rich media creatives simple and efficient.

Solutions shown on the video:

  • Timed autoplay-videobanners (Alko)
  • Interscroller with autoplay-video (Kotipizza)
  • Browsing car models in a product deck (Opel Astra)
  • Card deck (Tammi)
  • Animated banner series with steam effect (Subway)

Case Toyota C-HR IL


Basic forms of mobile rich media advertising are provided as turnkey solutions. These include the swipe cube, half-swipe, store locator, video parade, image-video-image, calendar advertisement and scratch-off surface. In addition to these, special solutions are available using the Celtra tool provided by Alma.