Alma network

The Alma network is comprised of Alma Media’s diverse online services for B2B decision makers, avid foodies, and everyone in between.

The network includes news media, marketplaces, and lifestyle services. You can buy desktop, mobile, and video advertising—as well as content marketing and rich-media solutions—on the network.

Alma's online users make up a network of 9.5 million profiled browsers. This network allows the advertiser to accurately aim the message at high-purchase target audiences.

Approximately 64% of Finns in the 15–74 age bracket use our services. (Source: TNS Atlas, Jan-June 2018)

The Alma network is also an excellent platform for targeted advertising. Read more >>

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Finance and B2B Media



Why use the Alma network?

  1. The Alma network reaches 64% of Finns in the 15–74 age bracket nationwide.
  2. It is comprised of various news media, marketplaces, and lifestyle media
  3. It has diverse audience packages and targeting options

The Alma network is not only nationwide but also a local platform:

  • Aamulehti, Moro, local newspapers in Pirkanmaa and the Alma network reach 92% of the consumers in the Tampere area
  • Satakunnan Kansa, Porilainen, local newspapers in Satakunta and the Alma network reach 90 % of the consumers in the Pori area
    (Source: TNS Atlas, Jul.–Dec. 2017)

Audience packages

With our audience packages, you will reach a broad range of Finns through the versatile Alma media and services. We can also tailor our various audience packages according to your needs.


Extensive coverage for audiences interested in current news.
64% male and 84% online shoppers. (Source: TNS Atlas, Jan-June 2018)


Alma Talent’s digital media weekly reache an audience of almost 900 000 decision makers, professionals, and premium consumers. (Source: TNS Atlas Jan-June 2018)


      Reaches audiences interested in general and holiday travel.
      55% female and 70 % has travel as a hobby. (Source: TNS Atlas, Jan-June 2018)


      Reaches audiences interested in cars and motoring.
      84% male and 25% are planning to buy a car. (Source: TNS Atlas, Jan-June 2018)



      Reaches audiences interested in games, TV, and other media, as well as leisure activities.
      53% female and 84% online shoppers. (Source: TNS Atlas, Jan-June 2018)


      Reaches audiences interested in lifestyle topics and interior design.
      58% female and 25% often go to retail shops to browse interior decoration goods. (Source: TNS Atlas, Jan-June 2018)


      Reaches audiences interested in cooking and food trends.
      63% female and 46% enjoy cooking as a hobby. (Source: TNS Atlas, Jan-June 2018)