Finland's leading business and lifestyle magazine

Kauppalehti Optio

Kauppalehti Optio covers events occurring in businesses and the economy, as well as grabs onto the development and well-being of organizations.

The magazine offers also sense stimuli, for instance, in regard to fashion, food, wines, travelling and literature. Providing an excellent advertising context backed by high journalistic standards.

Optio builds and maintains a strong image for brands and companies, while reaching the Finnish consumers with the most purchasing power. 

Reach and profiles

Date of Issue frequency2 times / month
Readers / issue181,000

One Optio issue reaches 54,000 decision maker readers

Readers spend more money in many product categories than an average consumer


62 %


38 %

Higher education

65 %

Management position

19 %

Household income over 100,001 € / y.

30 %


12-24 y.

3 %

25-44 y.

36 %

45-64 y.

43 %

65 +

19 %

Residential area

Uusimaa area

47 %

Other area in Finland

40 %

Source: KMT AL + total fall2016/spring2017

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