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Audience data

Make use of Alma’s audience data programmatically

We provide you with a wide range of targeting solutions to reach your desired audience, using our own first-party data as the basis for targeting. Read more about our audience data here >>

To get your best results, you can reach the right audience in the right media environment programmatically through our audience data. Targeting programmatic advertising to the desired media environment takes place through private deals.

With Alma’s data target groups can be tailored according to advertiser’s needs. Our audience data performs especially well when reaching new customers. With Alma’s data, we can form a broad picture of consumers and decision makers to help you target your advertising more carefully than before.

We base our high-quality audience data on our strong decision-maker and consumer content, as well as on analytics and forecast models. We gather sociodemographic information through surveys and modelling, and interest-based data based on browser behaviours on our sites. Our audience data are Finnish, and we update the interest-based data constantly. Alma collects and maintains information in a fully transparent manner so we can provide our customers with high-quality, safe, and functional audience data.

You can buy Alma’s data for your programmatic advertising through private deals. Contact us and we’ll find the best audience data for you and your target groups!