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Working at Alma    

Alma’s purpose is to accelerate sustainable growth of individuals, businesses and society. Despite of the unit, team, country or brand that we work at, we all have an important role in making the purpose come to life. All of us can participate in creating growth – each of us in our own way.

We are looking for people who have courage to do things differently. At Alma we encourage you to be bold: experiment, fail and try again. Whether you are a software developer, journalist, sales professional or just simply have a passion for growing in a digital service business and media company, we have a variety of interesting careers available.

Team play
Freedom of journalism

Courage grows together

We Alma Medians work in different locations and units, with different brands and products, but we all share the same mentality – #almaspirit. Almaspirit comes from our values: team play, courage and freedom of journalism. To achieve something exceptional, we need courage. And courage grows when we work together. Welcome to join the Alma community!

What can we offer?



  • You will work with some of the best known media brands in Finland.
  • Your work is visible to large audiences. Through our brands we reach over 80% of the Finnish population each week.
  • You can be part of a greater purpose – accelerating growth.

Professional and personal growth

  • You will work in an interesting industry that is currently re-inventing itself.
  • You are allowed to allocate time educating and training yourself in your chosen areas. All Alma Medians have personal goals for professional growth.
  • You may be bold! As an Alma Median you are allowed to experiment, explore, succeed, fail and try again.

Modern and appreciative culture

  • You will work with the most modern tools and technologies.
  • You have a large group of professionals from different areas to support you.
  • At Alma, you can be exactly who you are. We appreciate different opinions, skills and personalities, but share the same attitude #almaspirit.