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Steps towards more diverse work life

This year Alma’s focus in internal DEI work has been on training employees, and enabling the recruitment of international candidates into Finnish teams.

Two years ago, Alma conducted a DEI survey for its employees for the first time. The goal was to examine employees’ experiences of diversity, equity and inclusion at Alma and to find out the areas for development.

According to the survey, 84% of respondents feel that Alma is an equal employer. In addition, 86% experience a sense of belonging in the workplace and nearly 90% of Alma employees feel appreciated and heard.

Alma’s area of development is diversity – only 69% feel that Alma is a diverse employer.

New steps in Alma’s DEI journey

This year, a DEI themed online course has been prepared for Alma employees. The course is recommended for everyone as it increases our understanding of a topic that is important to all of us.

– There are a lot of misunderstandings, maybe even concerns, about DEI themes. The purpose of our online course is to increase understanding of what is meant by DEI and what everyone can do to make diversity, equity and inclusion a reality, Nina Uhlenius from Alma HR.

Another clear development step is to enable the recruitment of international experts. Over the past two years, Alma has gradually changed its practices and working environment so that international talents can be recruited in Finland for jobs where the Finnish language is not really a prerequisite.

– In practice, this can be seen, for example, in changes in internal communication, the translation of content and, for example, making technical documentation entirely in English, says Nina.

–  We have been very open to international applicants that we are still unfinished on this journey. For many, it has not been a problem and the amount of English language in internal communication is constantly being increased. When you are open and flexible on both sides, you often get a pretty good experience, Nina continues.

Better world of work for everyone

Alma is working on several projects to enhance inclusive work life. In Finland, our focus is especially on young people. Together with the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation we are developing the Finnish TET concept (introduction to work life). As part of the cooperation a new service was opened, collecting TET jobs in one place.

We are also in cooperation with Rise and Shine 55 movement to prevent age discrimination.

Alma’s international segment’s, Alma Career’s vision is to build a better world of work for everyone. Alma Career is involved in several initiatives that aim in promoting the inclusion of underrepresented groups in working life. In Slovakia, for example, the focus has been on the neurodivergent people. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, work is being done to support the employment of mothers returning from family leave. In the Czech Republic, more women are encouraged in the technology sector and in Croatia the focus has been on disabled people and supporting their entrance to work life.

  • Published: 24.6.2024, 12:30
  • Category: News
  • Theme: Sustainability, Working at Alma

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