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Empathy and reacting to changing needs

Niina Vähäkotamäki has been working at Alma Media for nine years. She describes her current project assistant work as very independent, but support is available whenever needed and team meetings are held weekly at Tampere office. Niina’s responsibility is to make sure that the information in the Alma Insights business database is accurate for business customers. The updating tasks are mainly handled by phone, and the ability to sense the customer’s mood is important.

“When I call a customer, I introduce myself clearly and tell what is needed from them. The best part of my job is when I get the customers trust and they promise to update the company information with me – especially if they have hesitated at first. My work emphasizes listening skills, empathy, and the ability to put myself in the position of the customer”, Niina says.

Niina’s career at Alma started in 2015 in the role of customer service secretary. She has also worked as a service specialist through job rotation. Years at Alma have provided not only development opportunities in various tasks and services, but also some growth opportunities with career coaching.

In 2019, I was a bit lost careerwise and Alma offered me career coaching. At the time, my wonderful co-workers and supervisors also helped and supported me to be more successful in my work. I was able to find my direction and understood what the problem was. The key word was planning. Oh, the joy and the relief when I realized this. Thanks for this goes to Alma, my superior Marja, my co-workers and myself as well.”

“At Alma I have found the courage to speak openly”

Currently, outside of work, Niina’s calendar is filled with jogging, gym and driving her 16-year-old son to football practices. However, there has also been a difficult period in her personal life, and during that time especially work offered support.

“A few years ago, when I had some difficulties in my personal life, I got the flexibility to put my life in a new shape. I received help and support from the employer, the supervisor, and professional help from an occupational health psychologist. Alma has been my pillar of strength. At Alma I have learned the courage to speak openly, and I have shared some of my personal matters to my closest colleagues. We – Alma people, are united by presence, genuine caring, eye contact, smiles and greeting.”

Niina describes Alma’s company culture as warm and inclusive.

“I love being a part of this community – we are kind to each other and respect and help each other. People are seen as people. At Alma, I can be my own wonderful person”

What role would you like to hear about next in #AlmaStories?

“I would love to hear what Netello Systems does and what is their core area of expertise. The company merged into Alma Media Group in the spring of 2023. As an Alma employee, it is good to know what products and services are offered and produced to customers”, Niina says.

  • Published: 7.5.2024, 09:30
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