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On this page, you will find tools and information for programmatic buyers. Do you have problems getting started with programmatic advertising? Do you need more information about available systems and deals? Don’t worry; explore the content of this page or contact the programmatic team!

If you don’t find a direct answer to your question below, take a look at the basic information on programmatic products.

Get started with programmatic advertising by reading this easy-to-grasp advertiser’s guide on programmatic advertising. After that, you can deepen your knowledge by exploring the details here.

General information on Alma’s programmatic advertising ecosystem

Alma’s SSP: Xandr (Appnexus)

Auction type: first-price auction

We recommended programmatic buying with a deal ID.

Deal troubleshooting

General instructions that are often applied:

  • Bid responses are being sent, but no sales are generated: The problem is often on the buyer’s (SSP) side.
  • Bid responses are not being sent: The problem is often in the buyer’s (DSP) campaign settings.

When a line item does not bid (bid responses are not being sent):

  1. Check issues related to Transparency & Consent Framework and Brand Safety.
  2. In addition, pay attention to the following settings in the DSP:
  • The right inventory source is used (Appnexus or Xandr).
  • The deal was created with the right DSP seat ID.
  • The bid is in the right currency and takes the floor price and other possible costs (DSP fee, data, etc.) into account.
  • Check that the campaign’s strict audience, geo, or time targeting or retargeting are not limiting bidding.
  • Check domain targeting and possible lists of allowed or blocked sites.
  • Make sure that it is possible to bid with the buying algorithm settings (for example, CPC optimisation must have enough click data).

Programmatic Ad Preview:

Ad format:

You can request the Xandr Creative ID of your programmatic ad from your demand side platform’s support.

System-specific notes

Notice that many of the DV360 platform’s audience-targeting options have limited functions outside of Google-based systems.

Using these targeting options may entirely block bidding on inventory other than that purchased through Google Ad Manager. In these cases, we recommend replacing Google data with Alma’s first-party targeting data (demographic data and interests) on online visitors.

For more information, contact

Google Data 
Third Party AudienceTargeting works for all inventory sources
GeographyTargeting works for all inventory sources
Day and TimeTargeting works for all inventory sources
Installed App CategoryTargeting works for all inventory sources
New Mobile DeviceTargeting works for all inventory sources
DemographicsLimited useability of audience data outside Ad Manager*
Custom AffinityLimited useability of audience data outside Ad Manager*
AffinityLimited useability of audience data outside Ad Manager*
Similar/LookalikeLimited useability of audience data outside Ad Manager*
In-MarketLimited useability of audience data outside Ad Manager*
Custom IntentUse possible only in Ad Manager inventory
*Google recommends using 1st party data outside Ad Manager

RTB (real-time bidding) deals

  • Alma’s deals are created in Xandr’s SSP with the buyer seat ID.
  • Deals are executed manually in DSP using a deal ID from Alma.
  • Exchange: Appnexus (Xandr)
  • When creating a deal, choose “New non-guaranteed inventory” + inventory type: private auction.

PG (programmatic guaranteed) deals

  • With PG deals, you can buy guaranteed inventory. For more information, contact
  • Supported ad formats: display, native, and video
  • Targeting: Alma’s first-party data (demographic data and interests)
  • PG deals are campaign- and format-specific.
  • When creating a PG deal, choose “New guaranteed inventory”.
  • Exchange: Appnexus (Xandr)

Contact the programmatic team

Didn’t find a solution to your problem? Contact Alma’s programmatic advertising experts!