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Research information for advertisers

We at Alma Media provide you with research data that can guide your advertising in the right direction, reaching the target audience effectively. Our key advertising design tools are TNS Mind Decision-maker, Mind Consumer, and National Media Research (NMR). They provide information on the scope of different media audiences as well as different target groups’ behaviours and attitudes towards both B2B and B2C advertisers. We also carry out different measurements that help you reach your goals.

For example, we regularly survey media coverage for print and online campaigns published in our media. These surveys provide you with valuable information on your advertising directly from the audiences.

With test marketing, we can help you find out the most feasible way to communicate before investing in a campaign.

We can also help you determine the impact of online advertising on your brand image. We compare brand metrics using a target group that has seen advertising during the campaign, and a target group that has not seen advertising.

We also carry out tailor-made research projects with different starting points. For example, we have measured brand recognition and positioning in our audiences.

The Alma Businessmedia Influential Community is our own influencers’ panel, which is made up of our audiences and is a unique mix of decision makers, professionals, and opinion leaders. The Alma Businessmedia Influential Community provides direct contact with the key decision-maker audiences.

Ask your media sales contact for more information about our measurement projects!

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