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High-quality service provider

Alma Media’s business is more and more digital. This presents not only new opportunities, but also new responsibilities. 

For example, advertising in the digital environment is more targeted, faster and more data-driven than before. At the same time, advertisers and media outlets must ensure that customer data is processed responsibly and in compliance with the law.

High-quality service provider

Higher quality in marketing

Alma Media and other leading Finnish players in the field of marketing communications launched a joint project, #siksimarkkinointia (“marketing – that’s why”) in 2016.

The aim of the project was to increase the appreciation of marketing communications in Finland as well as improve the public understanding of the macroeconomic significance of advertising. The project participants wanted to remind everyone that, without effective and professionally produced advertising, Finnish products and services cannot be successful against intensifying international competition. 

As its own #siksimarkkinointia initiative, Alma Media launched a new Agency of the Year competition open to Finnish marketing agencies. The competition measures the perceptions of the customer experience produced by the agencies among Finnish marketing decision-makers. Alma Media is the media partner of the annual survey and competition. 

The participating agencies receive a summary of what their key strengths and weaknesses are according to marketing decision-makers. 

Objective indicators

In Alma Media we use two key indicators in monitoring the annual development of information security and data protection in our media and services. These indicators are the total number of serious information security breaches and the number of reprimands by the authorities regarding customer data protection or customer-related information security on our services.  

We are also committed to organising yearly data protection training for our employees to ensure that they maintain the necessary expertise in that area in spite of the changes taking place in our operating environment.


Data must be used legally

Companies that produce digital services need customer data to develop their services but consumers have a right to access their data or set restrictions for the processing of their data, says Alma Media”s Chief Digital Officer Santtu Elsinen.