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More knowledge for better service

The use of digital consumer data is increasingly critical as the basis for business in media companies. Intelligently arranged and processed consumer data—that is, the mass of data consisting of digital footprints we all leave on the Internet—is a valuable asset.

It is used daily for targeting advertisements and directing contents to the audience. This substantially improves the service and user experience for users of the contents and services. Furthermore, consumer data is useful for planning advertising and measuring its efficiency.

People are often concerned about the collection and use of data that reflects consumer behaviour, largely because such activity is a relatively new phenomenon. How much do they know about me? Are my personal data safe? For what purposes can they use my data?

Responsible collection, use and storage of customer data is always of essential importance for Alma Media.

Alma Media Group is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of its services, and the company strives to provide all visitors to its online services with a safe and secure user experience.

Analyzing and usage of digital consumer data is a more and more critical part of business in media companies also, writes Alma Media”s Rauno Heinonen.​​

The Data Privacy Policy published by Alma Media can be found on the company website. It includes the most important information and guidelines concerning consumers. In addition, users have the right to refuse the monitoring of their behaviour whenever data are being collected by a third party.

Moreover, by way of agreement, the company makes every effort to prevent data thefts in cases where, for example, it is agreed with a media agency that they may use Alma Media’s data for their customer’s advertising campaign.

There are good grounds for collecting and using consumer data for purposes such as advertising. In these cases the use of consumer data truly helps to bring more value for consumers. Alma Media recognises the principles of responsible and ethical conduct associated with these activities, and the company develops its operations in order to maintain trust and confidence.

Rauno Heinonen, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications and IR

Did you know that a great majority of the Finns only familiarize themselves very superficially with the the terms of use of online services during registration, and nearly a quarter of the respondents say they generally do not read the terms of use at all? Did you know that more than half of the Finnish users of Facebook, for example, admit to having a very poor or fairly poor understanding of what personal data Facebook is entitled to use? These insights are from a recently published survey by Alma Media. Read more on the results here.