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Continuous dialogue

Kauppalehti Online, launched in May 1996, underwent quite a transformation in early January when the website was brought into the 2010s in one fell swoop.

Kauppalehti’s digital services offer the entire editorial content in one location.

Readers can choose the format they want for reading our stories, while our job is to deliver the news at the right time, in the right media and customised into the best possible format.

The digital service includes both the news covered in Kauppalehti’s print version and Optio’s reports.

Those involved in this fundamental revamp learn that the digital environment is not built in a day, but we keep updating and developing our services by frequently including new features.

Improving the quality perception of digital products among readers is vital, as preconceptions about ‘the clicking business’ are hard to change.

It is important to familiarise Finnish consumers with the idea that they need to pay for high-quality content online just as they would for physical copies. This will also ensure that journalism remains independent in the future.

The most notable new feature on our website is the news agency service KL Nyt, which collects all our news on one page. The news stream is constantly updated, and the reader can see at a glance the most important financial news and events affecting the markets. While the markets are open, KL Nyt is updated over ten times an hour, or about a hundred times a day.

We will supplement our news production in the coming months by increasing the amount of content provided by our international partners. Kauppalehti’s editorial team selects the news items that are the most relevant to Finnish decision-makers from amongst all the overseas news. Reuters’ news and reports are already a significant part of our market news.

We will also give video footage a more prominent role in our news services.

As is fit in the age of social media, Kauppalehti’s digital services will become more interactive, as sharing news on social media is very easy.

Kauppalehti’s views are also defined through the digital services, as the editorials and columns are now available for readers to comment on.

We interact with our readers every day regarding news and other questions, but it is also necessary in order to receive feedback on the development processes.

This may sound like a cliché, but it is the truth. Based on customer feedback, we have already made hundreds of changes to our website.

It is essential to engage in continuous dialogue with the reader, the customer.