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HTML5 materials

• Using light libraries in materials is advisable.
• Use of jQuery is not recommended due to the large size of the library.
• The external loading of large font files is not recommended. The sizes of font files must be included in the calculation of kilobyte limits. A font can only be included in the package if the advertiser holds the relevant license.
• If data is retrieved from external servers, the server must have sufficient capacity to handle the traffic created by the ad loads
• Connection errors must be taken into account in the functionality of the materials.
• The effect of the materials on computing performance must be taken into account (maximum CPU load approximately 20%)
• All external data must be loaded using the HTTPS protocol.

Required functionality
• The pointer must change on clickable areas to clearly indicate that there is a link there
• Links must open in new tabs

File sizes

Initial load
• Optimization and minimizing the creative’s initial load weight enables better results (viewability, CTR, ad awareness etc.)
• Make sure that the core content of the creative is visible as quickly as possible, so that the ad space won’t be shown empty to the user
• A light and fast initial load can be achieved by optimizing images and files
• If the creative can’t fit the given weight limit, the exceeding part must be loaded after the page has loaded (see Subsequential load / Polite load)
• Please take into account, that all measurement pixels and scripts also count towards the initial load weight limit (Adform, DoubleClick, MOAT, IAS etc.)

Subsequential load /Polite load
• Refers to loading files included in the materials only after the page has been loaded.
o Polite load is not possible with creatives that are served from zip files
• Loading can start from the window.onload event
• This must be used if the weight of the materials exceeds the kilobyte limits (for example often when the creative contains video). The weight of the initial load must always be within the kilobyte limit.
• While loading additional data after the initial load is possible, unnecessary loading must be avoided.
• Subsequential load can also be triggered by user interaction (click, mouseover)


• Links in the materials must be made using the, …) command or as normal <a> tags
• Clicks might not be registered in all materials—for example, if the clickable areas are created dynamically

Delivering materials
When delivering materials, the advertiser must indicate if the creative doesn’t work correctly on some browsers.
HTML5 materials must be delivered as:
• 3rd party tag or alternatively as a zip file

HTML5 files run via tags must also comply with these specifications.
The creatives are displayed within an iframe.
Additional information
More information on Alma Media’s online advertising management: mediamainonta(a)