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Talouselämä goes carbon-neutral

Talouselämä’s first fully carbon-neutrally printed issue was published on 25 September, making Talouselämä the first carbon-neutral journalistic print publication in Finland.

Alma Talent compensates the emissions from the printing of Talouselämä’s weekly print publication in cooperation with the PunaMusta printing house. 

On average, the printing of one print publication issue causes emissions amounting to 11.7 carbon dioxide equivalent tonnes. For example, the average carbon footprint of a Finn is approximately 10 tonnes per year. In addition to compensation, PunaMusta also aims to reduce emissions in all phases of the printing process. 

Even the delivery of Talouselämä magazine is carbon neutral as Posti has compensated the emissions caused by delivery in Finland since 2011. The delivery of one copy generates emissions of approximately 2.1 carbon dioxide equivalent tonnes.

The climate project related to the compensation is an afforestation project in Ethiopia. The project partner is Nordic Offset and the project is verified through the Gold Standard certification programme for emissions trading. 

“The key role of the media in mitigating climate change is to build discourse and accelerate action towards more sustainable choices and more sustainable investments. Every little concrete act counts. At Talouselämä, we want to lead the way towards carbon neutrality as well,” says Jussi Kärki, Editor-in-Chief of Talouselämä.

Making Talouselämä carbon-neutral is part of Alma Media’s environmental responsibility efforts.

Alma Media’s target is to reduce the direct CO2 emissions arising from its operations by 21 per cent by 2025 and the indirect CO2 emissions from its subcontracting chain by 10 per cent by 2023. It will achieve these targets by improving the energy efficiency of properties and developing logistics and the use of materials, for example.