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Alma Media Corporation                   Press release                  2 July 2024 


Alma Media's housing marketplace has launched the first travel time search for apartments sold in Finland, providing a new way for home buyers to find a suitable home. The travel time search enables to search for housing, taking into account travel time and means of transport. This opens new horizons and makes it possible to find an apartment in an area that might not have been considered otherwise, but from where everyday commuting is possible with the desired means of transport. 

Travel time search revolutionises the search for housing, Finland's largest home search service, is turning the home search mindset in a new direction with its travel time search. Previously, homes were searched for based on a specific neighborhood, but now the travel time search opens up new possibilities to find the right home in other areas as well. 

In the travel time search, the starting point for the search is the user-defined starting point for example, the address of the workplace or children's school and the desired travel time between the new home and the starting point with the desired travel method.

"Travelling between a potential new home and important life hotspots, such as a job or a children's school, is one of the most important factors when thinking about the smoothness of everyday life. The travel time search may open eyes to completely new districts that were not initially on the homebuyer's mind, but from which everyday travel goes surprisingly well," says Antti Aittapelto, Product Manager at  

The travel time search launched by is the first of its kind in Finland and a feature requested by customers. Search can only be found in the app.  

Finding a suitable home is the biggest obstacle to buying a home 

According to the Visitor Survey (2023), nearly half of those planning to buy an apartment in the capital region plan to buy a new apartment less than 10 kilometres from their old apartment. For the whole of Finland, the corresponding figure is almost the same. However, many home buyers face the challenge of finding a suitable home, which discourages buying. According to's spring Market Pulse survey (2024 MarchApril), 54% of those planning to buy a home report the difficulty of finding a suitable home to put a brake on buying a home. In the capital region, the corresponding figure is 51%. This highlights the need for a new way of applying for housing. 

“Travel time search makes everyday life in a new home more concrete already in the apartment search phase. Whether you are walking, cycling, driving or using public transport, with the travel time search you can search for destinations where it is easy and convenient for you to travel from,” Aittapelto says and continues: “In addition, the area introductions found at offer a comprehensive range of other information to help find a home that meets your needs and lifestyle. The search for holiday homes is also becoming more diverse, as they can be checked within a three-hour radius of one's own home." will continue to develop the functions and services related to travel time and mapping. 

Alma Media is committed to providing diverse housing services and collaborates with operators in the industry on a long-term basis, utilising the possibilities of digitalisation, data and artificial intelligence to ensure the best user experience. In addition to the service, Alma's housing services include, for example,, comparison service for renovations,, the most comprehensive rental housing service in Finland, and the cottage rental service Nettimökki. Alma’s media such as Kauppalehti and Iltalehti follow home and housing-related topics and developments in the housing market. 

The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Pay.

Alma Media in brief

Alma Media is an international company of digital media, marketplaces and services with a strong capacity for renewal. We inspire human curiosity and choice by creating services that combine technology and content with a local heart. In Finland, our best-known brands include Kauppalehti, Talouselämä, Iltalehti, Jobly,, Nettiauto and Nettimoto. Our recruitment services include and in the Czech Republic, in Slovakia and in Croatia.

In Finland, our business operations include leading housing and automotive marketplaces, financial and professional media, national consumer media and content and data services for businesses and professionals. Alma Media’s international business in Eastern Central Europe, Sweden and the Baltic countries consists of recruitment services and an online marketplace for commercial properties.

Alma Media operates in 12 countries in Europe and employs approximately 1,700 professionals. Alma Media’s revenue from continuing operations was EUR 305 million in 2023 of which the share of digital business was 82%. Alma Media’s share is listed on NASDAQ Helsinki. Read more at

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