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The new service collects all TET jobs in one place – Finnish Children and Youth Foundation and Alma Media are inviting companies to join the project

Alma Media Corporation                 Press Release              12 May 2023


Alma Media, Jobly and the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation want to provide all young people with an equal opportunity to find a place where they can learn about working life (TET). They are working together to develop a service where young people can find all available TET jobs in one place, making it easier to find and apply for a training job. At the same time, the aim is to significantly increase the number of TET places in Finland and to encourage more organisations and young people to participate. The service will be launched in August. 

Bringing the TET concept to the 2020s 

The joint project of Alma Media, Jobly and the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation was launched in early 2022. In the first phase, the focus was on the development of the TET concept and the production of support materials for participating organisations and young people.  

In the second phase, a new service will be launched, bringing together the traineeships offered by companies in one place. The aim is to make it easier to find and apply for a TET job, and to encourage companies to offer valuable work experience to young people. 

“Many apply for a TET job at their parent’s workplace or other familiar place. The new service allows young people to find a job in an industry that they are genuinely interested in, even without existing contacts at the company. The service puts young people on an equal footing when places are available for everyone to find and apply for,” says Heidi Harju from the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation.  

“The service will be launched in August, and we hope that as many positions as possible will be available on the platform at the launch stage. Many companies, such as Orion, HK, Restel, Deloitte and Stora Enso, have already joined the project, and they want to offer valuable working life experiences to future employees and will post TET advertisements next autumn,” continues Harju. 

Support, materials and tips for a successful TET period are available for participating companies. 

Both the company and young people gain positive experiences from a well-planned TET period 

In May, Alma Media will offer working life experiences to a group of TET workers for the third time. The young people are given an opportunity to learn about Alma’s various activities and do a project, which will be presented to the company’s representatives at the end of the TET week.  

“Our experiences with TET workers have been positive. We have noticed that young people have gained a lot of new perspective on, for example, their own career choices. The TET period gives them a peek into an environment that they would not otherwise necessarily have access to. Having more than one TET worker at once is worthwhile, as the young people have found the group’s support and teamwork very rewarding,” says Alma Media’s Elina Kukkonen, SVP, Communications and Brand.  

Finland needs enthusiastic experts in many different fields, and at its best, the TET period awakens interest in a career path in the field in question and offers participating employers the opportunity to guide future workers to their own field. It is important for the development of society to get young people to recognise the important choices related to working life at an early stage. 

Introduction to working life, or TET, is a Finnish concept that was started in 1979. It is now part of the official curriculum.  

Heidi Harju, Programme Manager, Finnish Children and Youth Foundation 
+358 (0)50 428 2031 

Elina Kukkonen, Senior Vice President, Communications and Brand, Alma Media Corporation 
+358 (0)10 665 2333 

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