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Alma Talent Services is being strengthened – Alma Media becomes a Suomen Tunnistetieto shareholder

Alma Media has acquired a 25% holding in Suomen Tunnistetieto Oy. Suomen Tunnistetieto’s DOKS service provides an efficient and secure digital tool for identifying customers, for the Know Your Customer process, and fulfilling the obligations related to preventing money laundering. With the service, establishing a customer relationship, knowing the customer and maintaining monitoring in all stages of a customership become streamlined. The DOKS service enables the collection of data, secure keeping of data, archiving, and managing data protection and information security. By using the service, companies can achieve cost savings and enhance routine measures related to establishing a customership.

Suomen Tunnistetieto was established in 2014 and the DOKS service was launched in 2019. In 2020, the company’s revenue and other profits totaled about MEUR 0.2. 
The valid Act on Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (AML) entered into force in 2017. When the Act was being prepared, it was estimated that Finland has 66,000–68,000 companies to which the obligations of knowing one’s customer and reporting suspicious business operations referred to in the Act concern*. The obligations require companies to identify a customer’s representative and actual beneficiaries, monitor freezing and sanction lists, assess customer-specific risks, and document for the supervisory authority the risk assessment of a body obligated to report. The legislation obligates accounting firms, auditors, law firms, providers of legal services and tax services, estate agents, debt collection agencies and insurance and financing operators.

The service provides customers with a high-quality tool that is also suitable for corporate governance, managing governance risks and, at the same time, ensuring compliance of ethical business principles.  

– Alma Talent seeks growth from scaling digital services aimed at companies and one of our focus areas is solutions that support process efficiency and the fulfilment of obligations. Our central objectives is also to provide information and data services as part of a customer’s business processes. The DOKS service will supplement our current product portfolio excellently, increase our share of the value chain and enable us to grow in our key customer segments, says Taru Lehtinen, Director of Alma Talent Services.

– Suomen Tunnistetieto is a strongly growing company whose objective is to develop a smooth and as automated as possible digital service for the efficient management of KYC and AML measures. We are very happy with the transaction and the cooperation with Alma Talent has significant possibilities for enhancing our service even further and producing additional benefits for our continuously growing customer base, says Petteri Tenhunen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Suomen Tunnistetieto. 

More information about the DOKS service is available at

*Source: HE 228/2016 – Government bills- FINLEX ® 

Further information:
Juha-Petri Loimovuori, CEO, Alma Talent, tel. +358 (0)500 511 03
Taru Lehtinen, Alma Talent Services, Business Director, tel. +358 (0)10 665 3609
Petteri Tenhunen, Suomen Tunnistetieto, Chairman of the Board of Directors, tel. +358 (0)41 502 4018

  • Published: 2.6.2021, 11:00
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