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Alma Media to acquire its own shares to implement its share-based incentive programme

Alma Media Corporation           Stock Exchange Release                  22 March 2017   at 4:30 p.m.                                      


In its constitutive meeting, Alma Media Corporation’s Board of Directors has decided to use the buyback authorisation for Alma Media’s shares granted by the Annual General Meeting on 22 March 2017. The buyback programme will be initiated at the earliest on 23 March 2017 and terminated on 31 October at the latest. The acquired shares will be used to implement the company’s share-based incentive programme. The number of shares to be acquired is a maximum of 230,000 shares, which represents approximately 0.28 per cent of all Alma Media shares.

The company’s own shares shall be acquired using the company’s non-restricted shareholders’ equity at the market price valid at the time of purchase of the shares through trading in a regulated market arranged by NASDAQ Helsinki Oy, and the shares are purchased otherwise than in proportion to shareholders’ current holdings. The shares are acquired and paid for according to the rules and instructions of NASDAQ Helsinki Oy and Euroclear Finland Ltd.

Alma Media’s Board of Directors is authorised to acquire a total of 824,000 shares in one or several lots. The authorisation is effective until the end of the Annual General Meeting of 2018.

Alma Media has previously acquired its own shares over the period 22 February–21 March 2017 based on an authorisation granted by the Annual General Meeting. The authorisation expired at the 2017 Annual General Meeting held on 22 March 2017. Following transactions completed on 21 March 2017, the number of shares held by the company is 62 000.

For more information, please contact: Mikko Korttila, General Counsel, Alma Media Corporation, tel. +358 10 665 2201

Rauno Heinonen
Vice President, Corporate Communications and IR

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