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Kauppalehti Information Services and Lindorff to begin collaboration

Alma Media Corporation           Press release              27 May 2015 at 09:00 a.m. (EEST)

Kauppalehti Information Services and Lindorff to begin collaboration


Kauppalehti Information Services and Lindorff will begin to provide real-time, anticipatory information on delays in corporate payments in Finland via Kauppalehti Information Services.

Corporate payment delay information, which is gathered by Lindorff, will aid companies in recognising the increasingly prevalent risks associated with commercial credit, whether at the time of negotiating a contract or during the customer relationship. Payment delay information is based on undisputed payment delays where a payment by a company has been due for more than seven days. Payment delay information is based on information about the situation on the previous day and is the latest available information on the market. Lindorff’s payment delay information also indicates the date on which the receivable was paid.

“Today, changes in a company’s situation may take place with bewildering speed and be reflected in the company’s partnership network. A company may be systematically late in its payments, or be subject to debt collection regarding various invoices for months without any actual information being generated on payment defaults by the company,” says Seppo Lahtinen, Vice President at Lindorff Oy.

A payment delay is an early warning, alerting a company to the fact that its customer or partner will be late in its payments.

“Companies must adopt a more alert attitude towards silent signals regarding both their operational environment and their customers. Payment delay information substantially adds to the current information products of Kauppalehti Information Services, benefiting those companies that want to be ahead of the pack,” remarks Otto Mattsson, Director of Kauppalehti Information Services, commenting on the benefits of the payment delay product for customers.

Kauppalehti Information Services collects and pieces together information on companies, real estate and individuals, which is gathered by various authorities and enterprises for the purposes of risk management and competitor monitoring. Lindorff is one of the leading providers of debt and payment related administrative services. Lindorff provides Finnish companies with invoicing and debt collection processes which handle hundreds of thousands of corporate invoices annually. Yrityksen maksuviiveet – “Corporate Payment Delays” – is a product jointly developed by Kauppalehti Information Services and Lindorff. It is available on the Kauppalehti Information Services.

For more information, please contact:
Seppo Lahtinen, Vice President, Lindorff Oy, on +358 040 557 9694
Otto Mattsson, Director of Kauppalehti Information Services, on +358 0400 261 563.

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