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Decision-makers and experts meet at Kauppalehti’s Election Club

Alma Media Corporation   Press release  February 1, 2011 at 10.00


Kauppalehti, part of Alma Media, enhances its reader services in expectation of the mid-April parliamentary elections by expanding its societal content. Kauppalehti also wants to activate the decision-makers in the private as well as the public sector to discuss economics topics important to the nation.

Today, Kauppalehti’s Election Club opens on online service’s election pages. The Election Club is a concept for party blogs and new form of decision-maker communications allowing interaction between the Finnish decision-making public and political influencers through blog posts and comments.

The blogs of parties running for parliament are published in turns. Today’s blog post is by the National Coalition Party, aiming to start a discussion on “Sustainable economy, quality of life and clean environment-a good everyday life is a top priority”. The Coalition Party bloggers are the MPs Sari Sarkomaa, Raija Vahasalo, Petteri Orpo and Arto Satonen, all candidates for the Parliament in the coming election. On Wednesday, it will be the Centre Party’s turn with the blog of Timo Kaunisto. Other Centre Party bloggers are Tuomo Puumala and Annika Saarikko. The Centre party bloggers are all Vice Chairmen of their party and candidates for the Parliament. Kaunisto and Puumala are also currently MPs, while Saarikko acts as Special Adviser for the Prime Minister.

-We hope that the Election Club blogs and, as an extension, the ensuing online discussion will address not only general economic policies, but also business issues important to the private sector decision-makers. I’m sure answers to difficult questions will be demanded in the comments, says Jenniliisa Särkkä, responsible for the advertising sales of the Kauppalehti Election Club.

-Kauppalehti’s various media have a demanding and educated audience including a large number of SMB owners and entrepreneurs. Among them, there are significant opinion leaders in Finland and people who might promote the success of the various parties in many ways. We are hoping for a lively and constructive discussion, Ms Särkkä continues.

In addition to the Election Club, the election site of also includes the blog Unexpectedly (Hoksaamatta & Yllätyksenä) by Kauppalehti’s editorial staff, which was opened earlier. This blog talks about election campaigning and phenomena around it, and most importantly, discusses economic policies. Its writers are Kyösti Jurvelin, Jorma Pöysä and Harri Vänskä, all experienced Kauppalehti economics writers. The team is complemented by Arno Ahosniemi, Editor-in-Chief.

Kauppalehti’s election pages also publish the latest political news. As campaigning begins to gather momentum, the pages will also include Kauppalehti’s online candidate selector.

The content pertaining to the parliamentary elections is at the web address (in Finnish).

More information:

Jenniliisa Särkkä, Head of a Sales team, tel. +358 10 665 2050
Arno Ahosniemi, Editor-in-Chief, tel. +358 10 665 2438


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