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Renewed Aamulehti will bring service-oriented content and discussion parallel to news

Alma Media Corporation   Press Release   October 11, 2010 at 10.00 am




Aamulehti, part of Alma Media, will provide impressively modernised content starting October 12. The newspaper will lift service-oriented journalism and dialogue parallel to news. To do this, the paper has started two new departments and editorial teams. When necessary, the entire Aamulehti editorial office will participate in providing the content. The readers’ ideas, views and opinions will get a more prominent position.


“The reader’s lifemap”


– The renewal will sharpen the paper’s basic duty. The paper must serve its readers better as their lifemap. Pointed, bold societal discussion is the newspaper’s duty and role when we are building a better world, says Jouko Jokinen, Executive Editor-in-Chief, Aamulehti.


According to Mr Jokinen, in addition to special pages, service-oriented content and a societal aspect will be visible in all Aamulehti journalism. The service-oriented section will be divided between two locations: The “Hyvä arki” (The Good Day) pages will be published in Section A, the news section, The “Hyvä elämä” (Good Life) material in Section B. The Good Day pages will provide useful topical information and consumer issues while The Good Life focuses on lifestyle. Theme pages complement the offering. The “Näkökulma” (Viewpoint) section for discussion and topical issues will be in Section B.


New ways of working


The renewal will introduce new ways of working at Aamulehti. The desk for service-oriented journalism, for example, will select five families who will test the effect of certain new things on their daily lives.


The Viewpoint section will appear daily with a sharply-written introduction by an Aamulehti journalist or an outside writer. The opinions page will be located within the same section, with its name changed to From the Readers.


The “Nettikampa” (The Web Comb) section represents a totally new type of story. It sifts the most popular topics from the internet and publishes them in the newspaper while also encouraging interested readers to search for additional information on the web.


The renewal will also be visible in the online service The internet will be used as a channel for readers’ ideas, comments and discussion in many ways.


Virtual editorial office in internal cooperation


The journalists in charge of the service-oriented content will form a virtual editorial office including, besides Aamulehti’s writers, one person from Satakunnan Kansa and two from Alma Media’s Northern Newspapers. The material produced will be available for all regional papers and Kauppalehti.



For more information, please contact:
Jouko Jokinen, Executive Editor-in-Chief, Aamulehti, tel. +358 10 665 3100, mobile +358 50 366 9213



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