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Johanna Korhonen appointed Editor-in-Chief for Lapin Kansa

Alma Media Corporation    Stock Exchange Release    9 September 2008 at 9:00
Ms Johanna Korhonen, 40, has been appointed Editor-in-Chief for Lapin Kansa, a regional newspaper belonging to Alma Media Group. Ms Korhonen will join Lapin Kansa in mid-December when the current Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Heikki Tuomi-Nikula, will retire.
Ms Korhonen works currently as the Editor-in-Chief for Journalisti, a Finnish trade paper for journalists.
“I am delighted and excited of my appointment for Lapin Kansa. Having this opportunity to do high-quality journalism and enhance the future of a newspaper is the best assignment I can ever imagine to get”, Korhonen says.
Korhonen has her roots in Northern Finland, in the city of Oulu. She began her journalistic studies at the University of Tampere and graduated from the Sanoma School of Journalism in 1990. Korhonen started her journalistic career in Helsingin Sanomat as a Business Editor.
“Ms Korhonen is not only a highly experienced and versatile journalist, but also a talented developer of online media. Both Lapin Kansa and the ongoing development processes in other Alma Media newspapers can benefit from her outstanding capabilities”, says Mr. Kai Telanne, the President and CEO of Alma Media Corporation.
Ms Korhonen began to familiarise herself with the Internet and online journalism in the middle of the 1990s when she started her own business after resigning from Helsingin Sanomat. At that time she produced the IT pages for Helsingin Sanomat. Korhonen is also renowned for TV shows, such as Verkkoyhteys (“Network connection”) focusing on IT matters and Ajan henki (“The spirit of the times”), a talk show with contemporary themes. She has been the Editor-in-Chief for Journalisti for nearly three years.
Lapin Kansa is a regional newspaper published seven days a week in Rovaniemi, Finland. It has an important role in promoting the vitality and well-being of Lapland. The audited circulation on Lapin Kansa rose slightly in 2007 to 34,738 copies. The printed version of Lapin Kansa has approximately 88,000 readers and its renewed online service has almost 10,000 unique visitors a week.
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Johanna Korhonen, tel. +358 40 510 5906
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