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ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION                  PRESS RELEASE   25.1.2008
Finland’s largest business online medium will open in its new form on Monday, January 28. Both the appearance and the structure of the service will change. The usability of the site will also improve significantly.
– One of the most important objectives of the modernisation is to make the service more functional for the user, says Ms Pia Ruusukivi, Development Manager, Kauppalehti. For example, the new version requires log-in for much fewer items than before.
The basic concept of the site remains unchanged. The Kauppalehti online service brings the most important business and market news to its users offers a wide range of stock exchange information and tools, provides a discussion forum and blogs to people who are interested in economic matters and includes premium services for private people as well as companies.
– Most of the services will remain free, says Ms Ruusukivi.
Clearer, with more content
The front page of the reborn service gives an overview of the most important business news and the newest contents from everywhere in the service. The main stock exchange and news items are easily found on every page.
Mr Hannu Leinonen, Kauppalehti’s Executive Editor-in-Chief, describes the new service as “clearer, more striking and with more content”.
– We will introduce a variety of new news themes. We will not, however, compromise quality for quantity. We will still revolve around economy. We believe in perceptive online journalism, Mr Leinonen says. services also include Kauppalehti ePortti, a business portal distributing information on companies and authorities, as well as Kauppalehti Toimitilat, Finland’s largest marketplace for business premises.
– This versatile package of services has been very well received in the corporate world. For example, background searches for companies become more efficient as topical news are complemented by in-depth analyses and official documents, says Mr Markku Kiuru, Director, Kauppalehti Online Services.
The number of visitors at has redoubled over a year. The record number of visitors so far is 338,269 unique visitors a week. Most of the users visit the site several times a week.
More information:
Hannu Leinonen, Executive Editor-in-Chief, tel. +358 10 665 2392,
Pia Ruusukivi, Development Manager, tel. +358 10 665 2787,
Markku Kiuru, Director, tel. +358 10 665 2822,
Kauppalehti, part of Alma Media Corporation, is Finland’s leading business medium. Its main products are Kauppalehti, Kauppalehti Optio, Kauppalehti Vip and Kauppalehti Business News air on MTV3-channel on weekdays. Kauppalehti also provides business news for other MTV3 news broadcasts, as well as other Alma Media newspapers and Radio Nova.
Alma Media is a profitably growing and internationally expanding company that invests in the future of newspapers and the online media. Its best known products are Aamulehti, Iltalehti, Kauppalehti and
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