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Monster’s online survey: Almost one in three European employees absent in 2007

Monster Oy
Press Release December 18, 2007
The most recent internet survey by Monster, the world’s largest online recruitment service, reveals that almost every third European employee has pretended to be ill at least once this year to avoid going to work. Out of the 850 Finnish respondents, almost one in five had been absent for one or more days. The survey was conducted simultaneously in 19 European countries, with 27,291 respondents.
The answers to the question “How many days have you been absent from work this year?” divided as follows:
None                              73% (19,912 responses)
1-2 days                         12% (3,303 responses)
3-4 days                         6% (1,764 responses)
More than 4 days             9% (2,312 responses)
The survey showed great variation between nationalities. For example, Belgian and Irish employees are the most likely to be absent from work for one or more days. This was admitted by 47 per cent of the Belgian respondents and 46 per cent of the Irish respondents. These countries have the shortest legally guaranteed annual holidays within the EU, only 20 days a year. On the other hand, in Czechia, where annual holidays may amount to as many as 40 days, only 9 per cent of employees have been absent from work.
The survey also showed that the most likely periods of absenteeism were only one or two days a year. Finnish and Danish respondents, however, showed different results: 11 per cent of Finnish respondents and 13 per cent of Danish respondents said they had been absent for more than four days this year.
The results are based on an online survey by on its country websites in November 2007.
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  • Published: 18.12.2007, 10:00
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