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MONSTER OY                      PRESS RELEASE May 9, 2007
A survey conducted by Monster in April shows that many employees balance between working and taking care of their personal affairs during the working hours. Most Europeans surf the internet and send or reply to personal e-mails during their workday.
Hungarian employees used their computers most for personal purposes; 48% of them surfed the internet during working hours. Germans top the list of sending or reading personal e-mails with 24%, the second place is held by the Spanish and Finns at 22%.
Of all Europeans, 24% said they spent some time “chatting” on the computer with other employees. Of French respondents, 38% said they spent more time chatting than for other personal activities. Chatting is also popular among the British and the Irish; almost one-third prefers doing it during working hours.
Other personal activities during working hours were smoking breaks and answering personal telephone calls. A surprise was that only 7% of respondents said that personal telephone calls were their most frequent personal activity during working hours. It seems that chatting is more popular than talking on the phone.
The electronic survey was carried out in Monster’s European markets during April 2007. The results of the most recent Monster poll are based on replies received between April 3 and 17, 2007 from a total of 10,085 respondents throughout Europe. The results are available in Finnish on
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